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How To Track Snapchat IP?

How To Trach Snapchat Ip

One of the revolutionary social media platforms, Snapchat is also one of the most popular ones, with members in billions.

The platform is the pioneer of filters, lenses, and self-destructing content that mimics real life.

Snapchat allows users to share their real-time locations with people they want and approve via Snap Map.

Snapchat is very protective of its users’ privacy, therefore, does not give away users’ information to anyone they do not authorize.

To find someone’s location without Snap Map, you need to track their IP address. Want to know how?

Quick Answer

You can use any IP logger. Here, we are using Grabify to create a shortened URL from the content URL your target might find interesting enough to click. Use Snapchat to send this compressed URL to the target.

Once they click on this link, Grabify will grab their IP address and redirect them to the actual content URL without them even noticing anything. You can also create your website and send the link to the target. Once they visit your site, you can grab their IP address.

Let’s understand everything about IP addresses, their significance, and how to track someone’s IP address using Snapchat.

What Is IP Address & What Can People Do With It?

An IP address or internet protocol address is a numerical label or unique address attached to each internet-connected device.

It can give some information on the device user’s geolocation and other information on the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

If anyone gets access to your IP, it is not as dangerous as it sounds. Most businesses use your IP address information to direct more personalized offerings to you based on your location and preferences.

When navigating to any website or clicking on any ad, you leave your footprints regarding your IP address for the site’s owner.

Some services use your IP address to restrict you from using their site or customize their services based on your location.

For example, Netflix shows content to users based on geolocation information gathered via your IP address. 

Generally, you do not have to worry if someone gets access to your IP address unless it’s cybercriminals who steal your other information via phishing or other means.

Once you click on the phishing links, hackers can install malicious software and get access to your personal information. These thieves can use your identity to perform even serious crimes.

Criminals can route their activities to your IP address and engage in criminal activities like buying drugs or planning terrorist attacks.

They can also use your IP address to track your exact location and can steal everything you own from your home.

These are extreme cases, so do not lose your night’s sleep just because someone has your IP address. The good news is you can always change your IP address if you fear someone has got it.

Why Track IP Address Using Snapchat?

Snapchat and other social media platforms gather your IP address information. They do it to offer you customized services based on your location and ensure your safety.

The good news is that they strictly safeguard your information and do not let anyone else (except their employees) access it.

So, Snapchat or any other social media platform would be of little or no help tracking someone’s IP address for you. But, it does not mean finding someone’s IP address is impossible.

Now, there could be many reasons you would want to track someone’s IP, and it does not have to be only for malicious activities.

You want to offer customized services to someone based on their location or restrict someone from using it.

Similarly, you want to discover whether someone is not playing with you by telling you their wrong location, e.g., they claim they live in the USA while their IP shows them living in China. 

There could be many reasons, but let’s not get into them. Let’s figure out how you can track the IP of someone and how Snapchat can help you meet your goal.

Some Snapchat Scandals

In 2019, Snapchat employees were found spying on users’ private data. Similarly, in 2017, phishing attacks captured the login information of more than 50,000 accounts on Snapchat.

Now, let’s come to our main topic, how can you use Snapchat to find the IP address of anyone?

Use IP Loggers or URL Shorteners To Grab the IP Address

You can use any service you like; we are using Grabify.

Grabify is an IP logger or IP grabber that can track the IP address of anyone for you. It is a leading service that can help you find the IP address of any Snapchat user.

The good thing about this IP grabber is that it is easy to use and cost-free.

What it does is that it creates a shortened URL based on the interests of the person you want to track the IP.

Once the person clicks on the URL, it will route them to the actual URL of content via Grabify, which will grab the IP address.

Follow this step-by-step guide to understand the whole mechanism of the Grabify IP logger.

Step #1: Determine the Interest

First, determine the interest of the person you want to grab the IP address.

If you know their interests, you can design the shortened URL with content they will most likely find interesting enough to click on. 

Step #2: Copy the URL

Copy the content URL to paste it on Grabify to create a shortened URL.

Copy The Url Of Content

Step #3: Paste the URL

Navigate to the Grabify website, and paste the URL copied in step #2 on the provided space.

Paste The Url On Grabify

Step #4: Create the URL

Click on the “Create URL” button and confirm by clicking “I Agree & Create URL.”

Create The Url

Step #5: Copy the New URL

Copy the new URL and the tracking code.

Copy The New Url

Step #6: Lure Your Target

Go to Snapchat App, and lure your target to click the link.

When they click on the shortened URL, a request will be sent to Grabify that will grab their IP address, and then they will be redirected to the original link.

In this process, the user will remain oblivious as everything will happen as usual.

Step #7: Get Results

Now, visit the Grabify page, enter the tracking code, and click the “Tracking Code” button.

Now, you will get all the information on the user’s IP address and other pertinent information, provided they have not used VPNs to conceal their IP.


Grabbing the IP address of anyone is not illegal, as IP address information is all public information.

Other Ways To Track IP Address

You can also use iStaunch Snapchat IP address finder to find the IP address of anyone.

Similarly, if you know any programming language, you can design your website to send to any user or can use a free web hosting site to create your website.

Once the target visits you, you can check the IP address from the IP log database on your website. Similarly, if you have developed any app, you can grab the IP address of anyone using it.


You cannot find the IP address of any individual on Snapchat through their messages or Snaps.

Snapchat makes sure to protect all the user’s information.

You can employ other strategies to grab the IP address of anyone by following our guide.

Anyone can use your IP address to find your geolocation and offer personalized offerings and services based on that information.

In extreme scenarios, they can use your IP address to hack your devices and get access to your sensitive information.

So, always do due diligence and abstain from clicking on links to protect your devices from malicious malware.

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