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How To Create a Shared Calendar in Microsoft Teams

How To Create A Shared Calendar In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is among the applications with many users because of its functionality. The application has made collaboration from home easier making it widely used when people are working from home.

Did you know you can create a shared calendar in Microsoft Teams? If you are wondering how to achieve that, this guide has explained two simple ways.

Quick Answer

Creating a shared Calendar in Teams can be achieved using various applications that can be integrated with Teams. Outlook Webb App is one application that can be used to create a shared calendar in Microsoft Teams. Create a group you will share the calendar, click on the calendar, and click the URL to copy it. Once you have copied the link, click on the addition icon on Teams and add the link to the shared calendar you copied from the Outlook Web App.

The calendar functionality is a special feature that Teams introduced to make group collaboration easier. If you are stuck on creating a shared calendar on Microsoft Teams, read this guide for the two best ways!

2 Ways How To Create a Shared Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform loved by many people because of making collaborations from home easier. Working from home requires tools like calendars to check important activities and plan for them before reaching the deadline.

You must use two applications when creating a shared calendar in Microsoft Teams. One application must be capable of creating the shared calendar, which you can then add to Microsoft Teams.


You’ll need the “MS 365 for business” subscription to achieve the desired results.

Use Outlook

Outlook web app is one application that can create a shared calendar. Although the calendar will reside in Outlook, the link will be shared directly in Microsoft Teams in a tab. Users can easily view the calendar when they click on the tab.

Outlook web app creates a calendar automatically when a group is created. Thus, if you have members that you want to share a calendar with, begin by creating a group consisting of all those members. Once you have created the group, proceed as indicated below to share the calendar on Teams.

  1. Open Outlook Web App.
  2. Choose the group you want to share a calendar with.
  3. Click the “Calendar” option from the navigation menu.
  4. Tap on the URL for the page that opens up in your browser.
  5. Copy the link of the URL by tapping on the Copy option. You will use the link to add it to Microsoft Teams.
  6. Head to the Teams navigation panel.
  7. Under the navigation menu, select the + icon.
  8. Select the Website option.
  9. Under Tab Name, give the group calendar a descriptive name.
  10. In the URL section, enter the URL copied from Outlook Web App.
  11. Check the box below if you want to post the shared calendar to your Microsoft Teams channel.
  12. Save changes.

When you save your changes, you could have added a new tab that will be identified by the descriptive title you entered earlier. When you want to access the shared calendar, click on the title that will be showing on the navigation panel in Teams.

Use SharePoint

SharePoint Calendar App is another application you can use to create a calendar to share in Teams with your group members. When using the application, you must have an appropriate site that contains the calendar. The site must be public such that other Teams members can access it.

  1. Open Teams and click the + icon to add the SharePoint site to teams.
  2. Select the SharePoint app from the listed applications.
  3. Choose SharePoint Home from the next menu.
  4. Once you have added the SharePoint site as a tab, access it in the browser by clicking on the globe icon in Teams space.
  5. Create the calendar you wish to share on SharePoint Site.
  6. Click on the +New drop-down to select SharePoint Calendar. Tap on the search icon to search for it.
  7. Name your calendar in the next tab to create your calendar in SharePoint.
  8. Tap on the calendar browser and copy the URL of the calendar.
  9. Add the Calendar to Microsoft Teams as a tab by clicking on the + icon.
  10. Select the Website option.
  11. Give the calendar and paste the URL you copied in the URL field.

You can now access the shared calendar in Teams as a tab on the Teams navigation panel.


Creating a shared calendar on Teams is essential when collaborating with group members virtually. If you are looking for the best way of creating a shred calendar in Teams, read this guide for the two best and easier methods!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a shared calendar in Teams?

Yes. Teams made the creation of shared calendars easier by allowing integration with calendar applications like SharePoint and Outlook. The calendar apps host the calendar, and you can add the calendar link as a tab in Teams.

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