How To Copyright a Song on YouTube

How To Copyright A Song On Youtube

Whenever you create any content, authorship is key in ensuring others can’t use your original content without your consent. Copyright is associated with any content, including music.

YouTube is against using copyrighted music and gives a hand in letting owners copyright their songs to protect them from others. How do you copyright a song on YouTube?

Quick Answer

YouTube system scans all uploaded content to ensure you don’t copyright someone’s content and upload it as your own. Thus, whenever you have a song and upload it on YouTube, it becomes your content, and that’s your way of copyrighting the song.

We will discuss what Copyright and content ID means on YouTube to help us understand how YouTube regards Copyright whenever the content is created. That way, you will know how best to copyright a song and whether it’s possible to use copyrighted songs.

What Is Copyright and Content ID on YouTube?

Any original work has the ownership of the author. The author affirms that they own the original work by getting intellectual property ownership through Copyright. Copyright law is in place to protect authors by ensuring others can use their work without their consent.

For instance, when you come up with an art or a song, you can copyright it to seal that you are the author and sole owner of the work. On YouTube, any music you upload must not be copyrighted, as that goes against YouTube’s terms of service.

YouTube has a Content ID system that scans all the uploaded songs against its database of audio files that copyright owners have already submitted. When it finds a match, it automatically raises a Content ID claim to indicate that you’ve copyrighted an existing song.

You are the copyright owner once you upload a song or YouTube and it passes the Content ID checker. Whenever someone duplicates or tries to upload your content, you can file a Content ID claim, and YouTube will flag the copyrighted content.

How To Copyright a Song on YouTube

When uploading a song on YouTube, the Content ID will first scan it to check if it matches any already uploaded content. If no match is found, it automatically means you are the copyright owner of the particular song.

Thus, you immediately earn the Copyright for your song. Anyone can raise a Content ID claim when they feel you’ve copyrighted your song. So, by uploading your music on YouTube, you will enjoy its copyright ownership. Suppose you get a video that matches your content. The video will get a Content ID claim.

When that happens, you have room to decide what action to take on the particular video. For instance, you can block the song from getting any more views. Still, you can get a share of the monetized revenue the video has received or have the person take down the video.

For you to enjoy the benefits of the YouTube Content ID to decide the action to take, you must qualify for the Content ID.

Can You Use Copyrighted Songs on YouTube?

Yes, you can. However, you must get permission from the copyright owner. So, find the owner of the song and negotiate the agreement and terms of using their music. Ensure you get a written agreement to use in case of a Content ID claim.

Moreover, when using their song, credit them for their work by mentioning them. You can also include links to the copyrighted content. That way, you won’t face trouble using copyrighted YouTube content.


Whenever you upload a song on YouTube, the Content ID system scans it for Copyright. If no match is found, the song will get copyrighted with you as the owner.

When someone uploads your content, Content ID will flag it, and you can choose what action to take. This post explains everything about Copyright when using YouTube.

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