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How To Clear Activity on Instagram

How To Clear Activity On Instagram

Do you have a jammed activity log on Instagram? Instagram keeps a record of everything you do on the platform. It keeps track of the average time on Instagram accounts, how you use the search button, and every single click you initiate while on Instagram. Therefore, Instagram can easily predict your moves. To avoid this, consider clearing your footprint on Instagram. So, how is it done?

Quick Answer

Generally, Instagram collects more than 20 types of information about you each time you’re online. However, forming a habit of cleaning your activity log may minimize tracking. Therefore, clear the search history and search suggestions to reduce the information Instagram gets from your account. Alternatively, you can remove all the data on your Instagram account.

I’ll cover some of the ways to clear your activity in a precise and straightforward manner.

How To Clear Your Activity

You cannot prevent Instagram from tracking and keeping a log of how you spend time online. But you can reduce the information Instagram collects from you by keeping a clean activity log. Clear your search history, suggestions, or Instagram data regularly. Let’s discuss them individually. 

Clear Instagram’s Search History

Although other users cannot view your search history, Instagram stores and uses the information as you perform your searches.

Fortunately, you can prevent Instagram from continually collecting search information by clearing your search history. Search history also helps eliminate some information on your activity log. Here is how to delete the search history on Instagram. 

You can use the same process on Android or iOS devices.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the Profile icon (your profile picture).
  3. Click the Profile Menu (three horizontal lines) at the top-right section of the profile page.
  4. Select the Your activity from the options present on the Menu.
  5. Scroll to and tap Recent searches.
  6. Click the Clear all tab. 
  7. On the confirmation window, press Clear all.

All the searches will disappear. Now let’s see how to do it on the browser.

  1. Go to Instagram and log in.
  2. Tap the search bar.
  3. Click the X button beside each search.
  4. You can also tap Clear all to mass delete the searches.

Clean Instagram Search Suggestions 

Always clear your search suggestions. Here is how to do it on the app.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the search bar.
  3. Clear any recent search. You can clear one search suggestion at a time by tapping the X button beside the item.
  4. Tap the Clear All button to mass-delete the search suggestions.

Here is how to do it on the browser.

  1. Go to Instagram.
  2. Fill in your login details.
  3. Navigate to the search button
  4.  Clear any item that appears on recent searches.
  5. Click the X symbol beside each item or mass-delete the recent searches by tapping the Clear all button.

Delete Instagram Data From Your Activity Section

You can also clear your activity by clearing every deletable item in your activity section. Doing this will remove all the data you left behind as you browsed on Instagram. Here is how to delete Instagram data. 

  1. Open your Instagram.
  2. Tap the Profile icon.
  3. Tap the three-line menu on your profile.
  4. Select Your activity from the listed options.
  5. Tap the Photos and Videos tab.
  6. Choose a category, select all and press the Delete button to delete all the items on the Photo and Videos page.
  7. A confirmation window will pop on the screen. Tap Delete.
  8. Once done, go back and select the Interactions tab and delete each category.
  9. Follow the same process to clear (Recent searches, Links you’ve visited, and Archived tabs).
  10.  All the data will disappear from your account.

You can only delete the data from the Your Activity section using the Instagram app. You cannot view your activity using the browser.

Wipe Off All the Data on Instagram

You can also clear your activity by resetting your Instagram account. You’ll have to delete every information on your account. You’ll delete your posts, reels, highlights, videos, searches, and conversations.

If you search the App or Play store, you’ll notice that you cannot find a reliable Instagram bulk deleting tool. Sadly, there is no button to mass-delete your posts and conversations. You’ll have to do it manually. To delete your chats:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Open Direct Messages.
  3. Long-press each conversation and tap the Delete button.
  4. On the confirmation window, tap Delete.

When using an iPhone, head to your conversation and swipe as you delete each conversation.

Use Your activity to delete all your posts, comments, likes, reels, etc.


Instagram saves your searches to give you a personalized experience on the platform. Unfortunately, it collects information about you and uses it to direct ads to you as you maneuver the platform. Therefore, regularly clean your activity on Instagram. Start by clearing search history and suggested search history. If you further want to clean your activity log, delete all the posts, DMs, and videos on your Instagram.


Can someone else see my activity log on Instagram?

Instagram will not show your activity log publicly. You are the only one who can view your activity log. But tech-savvy users can bypass the Instagram restrictions and use third-party tools such as SnoopReport to view other users’ activity on Instagram.

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