How To Allow WhatsApp To Access Camera on Mac

How To Allow Whatsapp To Access Camera On Mac

The beauty of using social media platforms is the ability to access them from several devices.

An application like WhatsApp can be used on a desktop and offer the same features users enjoy while using it on their mobile device.

However, Mac users have expressed disappointment, especially when their WhatsApp cannot make video calls because WhatsApp is not allowed to access it.

So, how can you allow WhatsApp to access your Camera on Mac?

Quick Answer

Mac users can allow WhatsApp to use the camera by turning on the camera from the settings section. Open the Apple menu, go to “System Settings,” and click “Privacy & Security.” Select the “Camera,” navigate to WhatsApp, and ensure the camera is on for the application.

The post has explained why your Mac is not allowing you to make WhatsApp video calls and what you can do to enable WhatsApp to access the camera.

Why Can’t I Make WhatsApp Video Calls on Mac?

Mac users have expressed disappointment when their WhatsApp cannot make video calls because their camera does not allow WhatsApp to be used.

Although there are many guides on making WhatsApp access the camera, some users have expressed that the camera option is not listed in the “Privacy and settings” section.

You may not find the camera and turn it on to be accessed by WhatsApp because you may be using an unsupported operating system.

Thus, if your Mac does not list the camera option, you need to upgrade to macOS Mojave or the later versions that support the feature.

How To Allow WhatsApp To Access Camera on Mac

Allowing WhatsApp to access Camera on Mac is easy, and you can achieve it from the Settings section.

The following guidelines will enable you to allow WhatsApp to access the camera on your Macbook:

  1. Open your Mac and go to the Apple menu.Launch Apple's Menu.
  2. Click on “System Preference…Go To System Preference.
  3. Choose the “Security & Privacy” option.Choose The Security And Privacy Option.
  4. Find “Camera” and click on it. All apps will be listed under the camera option.Find The Camera And Click On It
  5. Find “WhatsApp” from the listed applications and enable the camera button.Find Whatsapp And Enable The Camera Button

You will notice that anytime you open a given application and the camera is not enabled, you will be prompted to turn on the camera for the given application.

Whenever your camera starts working, you will see a green light beside the camera, indicating your camera is working.


Issues like WhatsApp failing to make video calls are caused by the Camera application being limited from being used.

In such a case, you must enable WhatsApp to access your camera from the settings section.

If you cannot find the camera listed in the settings section, read this post to learn how to deal with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my WhatsApp not making video calls?

WhatsApp can not make video calls without allowing it to access your device camera. If you are using WhatsApp on Windows or Mac, ensure you are upgraded to Windows 10 and your Mac is in the latest version. For Mac users, you must be using macOS Mojave and later versions. Otherwise, the camera app may fail to indicate in the settings section.

How do I tell my Mac camera is working?

When your Mac camera is working, you will see a green light showing beside the camera. Many apps are allowed to use the camera automatically, and the camera will enable itself when you open a supported application, allowing you to use it. Also, if an application cannot access the camera, you will get a prompt to allow access permissions.

How can I make a WhatsApp access camera on a Mac?

Mac users can use WhatsApp and any other application to access the camera by turning on the button from the settings section. Open the Apple Menu, select “System Settings,” and select “Security and Privacy.” Click “Camera,” find “WhatsApp,” or any other app you want to access, and enable the camera button.

Why is Safari not accessing my camera?

Safari is one application that may not fully support using the camera. But you can check if it can work by going to the “Settings” section in Safari, clicking on “Website,” and selecting “Camera.”

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