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How To Add “Book Now” Button on Instagram

How To Add &Quot;Book Now&Quot; Button On Instagram

When using a business account, adding a call to action is a marketing strategy that can easily yield good results for your business. Any business running on Instagram and promoting its services requires a way of booking to ensure all appointments get scheduled properly without leaving anyone out. A “Book Now” is a reliable call to action, and knowing how to add it is useful.

Quick Answer

Instagram offers various call-to-action buttons. For “Book Now,” you first need to have an account with an appointment scheduling app partnered with Instagram. Once you do, you can switch to a business account, and from your profile settings, click the action button and select “Book Now.” Select your appointments scheduling app, and once you’ve logged in, your “Book Now” will activate.

We will understand why having a “Book Now” is helpful for your business Instagram account. Also, we will highlight various features to look out for when choosing a scheduling app. Lastly, we will cover the steps for adding the “Book Now” button on Instagram.

Should I Add the “Book Now” Button on Instagram?

Appointments are how you schedule your services and whether you run a salon or tattoo shop or are a financial advisor, having a way for your clients to book your services is a boost to your business. Instagram allows you to add the “Book Now” button such that when someone views your Instagram business account profile, they can click on it and book an appointment.

The best thing about “Book Now” is that it saves time and money. By creating a system where people must schedule to meet you, you better plan your activities, saving time for other clients and money. Also, you get a proper way of canceling or editing appointments without failing the clients.

It gets better since some appointment scheduling apps integrate a payment method, such that people can pay when booking to guarantee their commitment and presence. Various scheduling apps offer different features, but look out for those that automate repetitive tasks, are affordable, offer administrative support, are easy to use, and offer marketing.

The appointment scheduling app will guide you on how to create an account. You must have an account when selecting which appointment scheduling app you want to link with your Instagram.

How To Add Book Now Button on Instagram

Are you ready to add a “Book Now” button on Instagram and select the appointment scheduling app with which you created an account? Follow the steps below.

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile page.
  2. Click on the Menu button at the top.
  3. Select Settings and click on Account.
  4. Tap the Switch to Professional Account option.
  5. If your account is switched to a business account, go back to your profile page.
  6. Tap the Edit profile option.
  7. Scroll down and click the Action Buttons at the bottom.
  8. Select the Book Now button.
  9. Locate the appointment scheduling app you want to use and click on it.
  10. You must log in to the appointment scheduling app to authorize the action.
  11. Once you’ve logged in, your “Book Now” is now successfully integrated with Instagram and is now active.

Bingo! Your scheduling is now active, and people can start booking appointments by clicking on it and following the on-screen prompts to finalize their booking. Once they book an appointment, you can easily manage the appointments from your account.

Additionally, you can create a post to create awareness that you accept appointment bookings and explain how someone can book an appointment from your Instagram profile. With that, you will eventually start getting people to book appointments, and your business will gradually grow.


Having a way for people to book appointments for your business is a massive boost to your company and comes with multiple benefits. This guide explains why a “Book Now” button is helpful and gives the steps for adding it to your Instagram business account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is The Best Appointment Scheduling App?

There is no specific scheduling app that stands out as the best all-around. However, different scheduling apps offer different features, depending on what works best for you. Once you’ve decided what you want, you can select a scheduling app that works best for your case.

How Can I Add the Book Now Button on Instagram?

To add the button, start by switching to using a business account. Next, search for an appointment scheduling app that works best for your case and create an account. Ensure the app has partnered with Instagram. Open your Instagram account and under the edit profile page, click on the action buttons and select “Book Now.” Choose your scheduling app and sign in to authenticate and complete the process.

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