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What Does “OP” Mean on Reddit?

What Does Op Mean On Reddit

Many slangs are used on Reddit, and if you are new to the platform, you may not be able to follow up on the conversations because you don’t understand other terms.

If you have seen the term “OP” being used and wondered what it means, this guide will explain its meaning.

Quick Answer

The term “OP” has existed since the early 2000s and is commonly used on Reddit. The term “OP” stands for “original poster” and may also mean many things depending on the context in which it is used. “OP” also means “overpowered” and “original post”, but when it was defined in 2003, it was defined to mean “original poster”.

It is normal to be left behind with other slang names, but when you encounter the terms, it is good to understand what they mean and how to use them correctly. This post has explained the history of “OP”, what it means and how you can use it correctly. Moreover, the guide has answered frequent questions users ask regarding Reddit.

What is the History of “OP”?

The term “OP” dates back to the era of online message boards during the 1990s and early 2000s. “OP” was first defined in 2003 in the Urban Dictionary, and it meant “Original Poster”. Today, websites like Reddit have adopted the word “OP”, which many users use.

In the era of message boards, many accounts were anonymous and used symbols, character names, and obscure words.

It was hard to type character names when referring to people. Because there was no tagging like today, the term “OP” proved convenient and easier when referring to the initiator of a conversation.

What Does “OP” Mean on Reddit?

“OP” stands for “Original Poster” on Reddit, which refers to the person who started a conversation thread.

If you have used Reddit before, you understand that it works by someone asking a question, then people contribute their views concerning the asked question. 

During the conversation, when people need to refer to the person that started the conversation, mostly the word “OP” is used instead of their username. Additionally, sometimes “OP” may be used to refer to the original post.

When to Use “OP” on Reddit?

If you are new to Reddit and would love to engage in a thread and share your views, use “OP” to refer to the person that posted the question instead of searching for their username.

Moreover, using “OP” is important because people will quickly understand who you are referring to without searching through the conversation for a username.

Because “OP” is a slang term, it is only advisable to use it on social media platforms and not in formal emails. Besides using the term on Reddit, you can also use it on platforms like Twitter and still use it to refer to the person that sent the tweet first.


Many slang names are being used today, and it may not be easy to know all their meaning.

Because nowadays everything is online, if you encounter any slang name you don’t understand, you can easily search for it and learn to use it appropriately.

This guide has explained what “OP” means on Reddit, its history, and when you can use it if you have never used it. If you find it difficult to use “OP”, read this guide for a comprehensive guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “OP” mean on Twitter?

The term “OP” is also used on Twitter to refer to the first person that sent a tweet on the platform. When you don’t want to find someone’s username and tag him, “OP” will help achieve the same purpose.

Why is “OP” used in gaming?

“OP” has several meanings, but in gaming, it stands for “overpowered”.

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