How Many Report To Close Telegram Channel?

How Many Report To Close Telegram Channel

When using Telegram, you can join different channels and groups. Telegram channels are excellent for receiving broadcast messages.

However, when a Telegram channel violates the terms and conditions of Telegram, you should report it to help Telegram keep the platform conducive for everyone.

When you report a Telegram channel, Telegram will investigate the case and could close the channel.

Quick Answer

When you report a Telegram channel for the first time, the channel will get investigated, and when it gets reported multiple other times, Telegram can decide to close it.

There is no maximum number of reports required to close the channel. However, the violations made by the channel determine the decision Telegram will take regarding closing the Telegram channel. Some violations have more weight than others.

This guide highlights reasons why you should report a Telegram channel. Next, we will see the steps for reporting a Telegram channel. Still, we will discuss what it takes for Telegram to close a channel.

Why Report a Telegram Channel

Telegram is a messaging platform where people connect to communicate via DMs, groups, and channels. A Telegram channel accommodates thousands of members, and only the admins can message the channel.

When you’ve subscribed to a Telegram channel, you may want to report the channel due to the following.

Reason #1: Spam

When you notice a Telegram channel advocates for spamming or is intended to spam subscribers, Telegram advocates that you report the channel.

The aim is to let Telegram investigate the claim and close the spamming channel.

Reason #2: Violence

Suppose you notice a given channel promoting violence and hate speech.

You should report it as that violates the regulations.

Reason #3: Fake Accounts

When a channel promotes fake content or shares copyrighted content, you should report it.

Some people steal other people’s work and share them in a Telegram channel as their own.

Reason #4: Sexual Content

If you are in a Telegram channel and the admins share sexual content, you can report the channel.

Telegram doesn’t advocate sharing sexual content, such as pornography, and will investigate a reported channel.

How To Report a Telegram Channel

When you meet a Telegram channel violating the terms of service, you should report it using the steps below.

  1. Open your Telegram application.
  2. Locate the target Telegram channel.
  3. Click the three dots on the right of the profile information of the target channel.
  4. Tap on the “Report” button.
  5. Add the reason for reporting the channel.
  6. Click on the “Send Report” button.

Once you report the channel, the Telegram support team will investigate the reported case and take the necessary actions against the reported channel.

How Many Reports to Close Telegram Channel?

When you report a Telegram channel, Telegram’s support team will investigate the reported case to verify your report and decide what actions to take against the channel.

Although it takes one report to investigate a Telegram channel, it requires several reports to close the Telegram channel. In most cases, Telegram begins by restricting the Telegram channel.

For instance, the channel can be banned for 24 hours.

However, if the channel repeats the offense and gets reported again, it can get closed. If you notice Telegram has closed your channel, you’ve violated multiple regulations and have been reported several times.


Telegram has various terms of service that every user must adhere to when using Telegram.

If you violate the regulations and your channel gets reported, Telegram will investigate the reported case and take necessary actions.

Multiple reports against your Telegram channel will make it get closed as the last action.

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