How Long Does It Take for Twitch To Approve Emotes?

How Long Does It Take For Twitch To Approve Emotes

Part of Twitch’s appeal is the unique features that enhance interaction between creators and their audience. One such feature is emotes.

Emotes on Twitch are the emoji-like images Twitch users create to use in chats and live streams. For Twitch affiliates, emotes are an excellent way to promote your channel and interact with your subscribers.

If you’re a Twitch user or affiliate considering submitting original emote designs, you may be curious about how long Twitch takes to approve them.

Quick Answer

Twitch takes an average of 48 hours to approve emotes. This timeline may be longer if you’ve made several submissions at once. If you’re a Twitch Partner or Affiliate who meets all the requirements and has a good account standing for at least 60 days, the approval process may take 24 to 36 hours.

Read on to learn about Twitch emotes, how to get them, and how long approval takes.

Overview of Twitch Emotes

You must attain Twitch Affiliate or Partner status to get emotes on your channel. After, you can create and upload original emote designs for your subscribers to use in chats. Emotes are an excellent way to stand out and promote your channel.

When you achieve affiliate status, you get one slot of emotes. You will get the first emote slot regardless of the number of subscribers you have.

After, the number of emotes slots you get will depend on the points you earn through subscriptions. The points you need also depend on the subscription tier.

One tier 1 sub equals one point, a tier 2 sub equals 2 points, and a tier 3 sub equals 6 points. You will unlock the second emote slot when you attain 15 points. The 15-point mark comes with two slots, while the 25-point unlocks three emotes slots.

Streamers who want original emote designs can get them through various sources. If you don’t have the skills to design one, use an online site to hire designers.

If you want a simple but custom design, you can use online tools, including Twitch videos, to learn how to make custom emotes. Some free design tools include Adobe Suite, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, and GIMP.

Next, we’ll discuss Twitch Emotes requirements and what to consider when making emotes for your channel.

Twitch Emotes Requirements

Besides attaining affiliate or partner status, Twitch sets a few standards for emote submissions.

  • Submit three versions of your proposed emotes. The images should be 28p by 28p, 56p by 56p, and 128p by 128p, respectively.
  • The submitted images should be square and below 1MB in size.
  • The emotes background should be transparent.
  • Emotes should not feature trademarked or copyrighted content.

If your emotes meet all the requirements, the approval process should take approximately 48 hours. Sometimes, the approval may be faster, within 24 or 36 hours.


Twitch Affiliates and Partners without account infractions in the last 60 days can post emotes without approval.

What To Consider When Creating Original Emotes?

If you’ve just reached affiliate status and want custom emotes for your channel, there are a few factors to consider.


Emote designs should be small. Avoid adding too many details, as most won’t be visible to the user. Instead, focus on the main details and stick to the recommended size.


If you just reached affiliate status, you might be tempted to tweak a few details of another streamer’s emotes to make it your own. However, this would be a mistake.

Remember, emotes are an excellent chance to stand out and connect with your audience. Having unique emotes is a great place to start for streamers who want to stand out as a brand.


Colors are another essential consideration when designing emotes. The emotes should be visible in the standard light and dark theme.


The standard timeline for emotes approval on Twitch is 48 hours. However, this timeline can be longer or shorter depending on several factors.

For instance, the process could be longer if you make several image submissions. If you meet all the requirements, it could take 24-36 hours.

Streamers automatically get an emote slot after they achieve affiliate status. After, the number of slots they get depends on the points earned through subscriptions.

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