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How Do You Get a Top Fan Badge on Facebook?

How Do You Get A Top Fan Badge On Facebook

If you are an avid Facebook user, like the other 2.934 billion (Monthly active users), you must have seen Top Fan badges on some Facebook pages.

Facebook introduced this jeweled icon badge to reward an active contributor to a particular community to stand out from others.

Facebook badges are ways by which any group or page can recognize the roles and significance of each member in their community.

The Top Fan badge feature is available for Facebook business pages to recognize and award the distinctive member of that page. Similarly, ten other badges, like Rising Star, are available for Facebook groups.

Quick Answer

You can get a top fan badge by actively participating in any Facebook business page. You will earn this badge from any Facebook page if you frequently react, comment, share, and view their posts or videos. Once you receive it, the top fan badge will appear next to your name in all your interactions and the community tab on the page.

Let’s learn more about the Top Fan badge and how you can get it.

What Are Business Pages on Facebook?

Facebook groups and pages are the ways you can promote your business. Your Facebook Business page involves more professional and strictly business-oriented interactions with your customers.

Conversely, you can create more personalized experiences for your clients through Facebook groups.

Facebook groups and pages allow you to create brand awareness, find your target market, enhance your reach, increase traffic to your website, improve customer services, and generate leads.


According to research, 93% of marketers use Facebook. Facebook plays a significant role in social media marketing strategy for any business. Instagram is the second most popular social media platform for marketers worldwide.

Your Facebook Business page is highly significant for your business. It can help you connect with your customers and enable them to learn more about your business.

It offers them basic information about your business (contact details), upcoming events, new products, offers, and releases. 

Then, with Facebook Ads, you can further enhance your reach to your target market and create more loyal customers for your brands.

Your Facebook business page is like your free business website. It opens doorways to new avenues for your business.

Why Are Top Fan Badges Important?

Adding more customers to your customer base is significant, but we cannot ignore the importance of retention of loyal customers. Your loyal customers can create more opportunities for your business from their experiences.

Top Fans Badges are Facebook’s way to reward your loyal customers for their engagement and value addition. You can further make more people compete against each other for this badge by backing top fan badges with some tangible incentive. 

Top Fans — as the name indicates — are your loyal hardcore fans. In the context of Facebook, they are active followers of your page who have contributed or interacted more than others on your business page.

What Happens When I Acquire a Top Fan Badge on Facebook?

If you love a brand and want everybody to know your love for it, earning a Top Fan badge is one way to show it. When you acquire a Top Fan badge, you will receive a notification from Facebook. Now, it is up to your discretion to own and flaunt it or remove it from the display. 

If you decide to display it, a little jewel icon, a.k.a. Top Fan badge, will appear next to your profile in all your interactions on that page:

  • Whenever you post a comment on the page, it will show the top fan page next to your name.
  • The Top Fan badge page will also appear next to your profile on all your past/future interactions on the page.
  • You can find your name in the Top Fans list on the Community tab on the page.

How To Get a Top Fan Badge?

It’s as simple as it gets!

If you want to get a Top fan page from any of your followed Facebook pages or profiles, you must gain it. You can earn it through frequent interactions and engagement on a particular Facebook page.

You can earn a Top Fan badge by being excessively active on a particular Facebook business page or profile. You are a strong contender for winning a top fan badge on any page if you are:

  • Consistent with your likes or reactions on every post or any content on the page.
  • Frequently commenting on the page’s posts.
  • Sharing posts, even tagging your friends.
  • Frequently watch its videos.
Important Notice

You can only get a Top Fan badge on pages with 10,000 above followers. Also, the Facebook page needs to enable the top fan badge feature. If it has not, then Facebook will not reward any badge to anyone on their pages.

Your top fan badge can help you stand out against other followers on the page or profile. Some brands also offer incentives to all people who are most interactive on their pages.

Likewise, some offer special couponsdiscounts, and other exciting offers to their top fans.

For brands, top fan badges are significant because they can help you know more about your loyal customers. These loyal customers are more likely to create brand awareness and generate additional leads for you through their participation.

These loyal customers boost engagement on your page through their interactions, hence your visibility. 

The Roundup

Facebook badges are fun ways to increase engagement on your business pages.

Your business page followers who have shown active participation on your page through frequent reactions, comments, and shares of your posts or content are eligible to earn this reward.

Top fan badges can prove significant for your followers to promote your business profile if backed by incentives like discounts, special coupons, or other offers.


Who gives the Top Fan badge on Facebook?

Once any page has turned on the Top fan badge feature, Facebook automatically will reward the top fans’ badges to one who qualifies. 

Why do I no longer have my top fan badge?

Top fan badges are updated weekly, so if you do not see it next to your profile on a particular page, it means someone else has earned it. Likewise, a page admin can also snub any member from a top fan badge if they want.

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