How Do I Know if My iMessage Was Delivered?

How Do I Know If My Imessage Was Delivered

iMessage is a reliable application that has made it easy for its users to know the status of the messages they send.

When you send messages via iMessage, you can know when they have been delivered or read compared to regular text messaging services.

If you don’t know how to know when iMessages have been delivered or read, this guide has explained all you need to know.

Quick Answer

A simple way of knowing that your message was delivered is by checking for the delivered message. Once you have sent a message and the recipient’s phone is not off, the receiver will receive the message, indicating delivered below the message. Sometimes you may see a “read” message indicating the message was delivered and the recipient has read it.

It isn’t enjoyable to send a message and be unsure if it has been read or delivered to the recipient. This guide has explained a simple way of knowing when your iMessage has been delivered. Let’s start!

How Do I Know if My iMessage Was Delivered?

Apple tried to be better than other messaging services, explaining why they introduced the status messages that indicate below messages when you use iMessage.

When the recipient’s phone is within the range, and their phone is not turned off, they will receive your message on their phone.

When that happens, iMessage will indicate on your phone that the message has been delivered. You will see a delivered notification below the message you sent.

Moreover, if the receiver has enabled the Read Receipts feature, your phone will update you once your message has been read.

When the feature is enabled, you will see a “read” message when the receiver reads it. The delivered will change to “Read,” meaning the message was delivered and read by the receiver.

Toggle Off The Send Read Receipts Option.

Sometimes, you may not see the read message because many people don’t like enabling the Read receipts feature.

People feel enabling the feature forces them to reply to messages when they are not ready. Thus, in most cases, you may only see the delivered message.

Why Is iMessage Not Showing Any Message?

Some users have expressed that even if they send messages through iMessage, they don’t see any message below the sent message. Does that mean the receiver blocks you?

There is a possibility that the receiver has blocked you when you realize there is no message indicating below the message you are sending.

But before you conclude that you have been blocked, it is advisable to confirm that the message is not showing sending.

You can check on the top of the screen and see if there is a “Sending…” message.

If so, it means your network is unreliable, and your message has not been sent to the other party explaining why you don’t see the delivered or read message.

But, if you don’t see the sending message and there is no delivered message, it may mean any of the following.

  • The receiver has blocked you.
  • The receiver phone is off.
  • The receiver is not within a network range.
  • You are out of a network range.

Therefore, you should not be mad with the receiver because any of the above may be the case if you do not see the delivered message.


iMessage helps make communications better.

With the app, you can easily tell when your message has been delivered or read, preventing you from sending a single message too many times.

The guide has explained how you will know when your message has been read.

If you don’t know how to do that, read this post!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my iMessages are blocked?

There is no direct way of knowing when you are blocked on iMessage, but you can tell. An easy way of knowing you are blocked is when you realize you send messages, but they don’t seem to be received. You can use your phone’s friend and send an iMessage to the receiver. You are blocked if your friend’s message is delivered and yours indicates nothing.

How do I know my iMessage has been read?

You can tell when your messages have been read when the receiver has enabled Read receipts. Otherwise, you will not know your message has been read unless you get a response.

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