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Does Snapchat Notify When You Check Location?

Does Snapchat Notify When You Check Location

Snapchat has introduced multiple new features in the last few years to stay ahead of the race.

One similar feature is Snap Map, which lets your friends and you see each other’s location. Isn’t that interesting?

But you might wonder if people find out if you check someone’s location. So, does it?

Quick Answer

Snapchat doesn’t notify anyone when you check the location of a friend. However, if you request to see their location, it will inform the other person.

Adding Snap Map might’ve caused a stir among users about their private matters.

Still, Snapchat guidelines give multiple options to change the settings per your comfort. You can change your privacy settings and hide or disable your location from Snap Maps.

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks for playing with Snap Map’s spotlight feature.

How Do You Use Snap Map?

We all know how firm Snapchat is with its privacy settings. Before discussing our options, let’s clarify one thing: enabling Snap Map is not a problem since it doesn’t update your location whenever you open and use the app.

However, if you’re still susceptible to someone creeping on you, you have three options with Snap Map:

  • You may turn on your privacy settings to let others view your location or travel adventures.
  • You may disable the feature entirely and prevent it from running.
  • You may use third-party apps to report false locations.

How To Change the Snap Map Privacy Settings?

Even though Snap Map enables you to share your whereabouts with your peers and see what they are up to, you may wish to limit who sees it. Follow these instructions to go to the Snap Map privacy settings:

  1. Open Snapchat, and tap the location icon in the bottom left corner.Tap On Location Icon At Bottom Left
  2. Tap the settings icon in the top right corner.Tap On Settings Icon At Top Right
  3. Enable the “Ghost Mode” toggle.Turn On Ghost Mode

Who Can See Your Location?

If you don’t want to disable the location feature on your app, you can choose either of these options and customize the list of people who can view your location:

  1. My Friends” lets you share your location with the people on your’ friends’ list. The list might also include all the people you might be adding up in the future.
  2. My Friends, Except” lets you share your location with everyone except those you add to this list.
  3. Only These Friends” lets you share your location with a selected few (lucky ones) that you include in the list.

Snap Map Tips You Should Know About

To access Snap Map, you can tap on the map icon on the action bar or open a friend’s profile and tap on the location shown on the map. Now, Snap Map is a fun tool, especially if you like to travel or go on adventures.

Let’s discuss a few features Snap Map offers:

  • View a friend’s location. If your friends have allowed you to view their location, you can see where they are currently on the map. You can tap on their Bitmojis and start a chat to catch up with them.
  • Request the location of a friend. Do you have any idea where a friend could be as of right now? Maybe you’re wondering where they went and if they’re close by. You can request their location and find out where they are and who they’re with through Snap Maps. You can use the search option at the top of the screen to look for a specific friend.
  • Look up snaps shared by other people using the heat map. This option lets you search around other locations on the map by simply dragging your finger anywhere on the map. The bright spot of color shows random snaps from people currently present at that location. Blue indicates fewer snaps, while red indicates that the location has many activities happening. You can simply tap at the clusters of blue or red to view the snaps from that area.
  • Look for activities around hot spots: story collections for prominent locales and events may be found by scouring the colored parts of the map. To read the stories contributed to the circular story collection, tap a busy section of the map, then tap on the story collection.


Snap Map is quite an exciting and resourceful part of Snapchat. It raises privacy concerns in this digital world as a modern feature.

Putting the downsides aside, it’s pretty cool and harmless to check what your friends are up to and where they might be! 

Even though there’s almost no way to check if someone has been viewing your location, you can customize and reset your settings just how you want. You can make a list of friends and limit their access to your whereabouts.

So let’s start searching where your friends are and see what’s new in your city!

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