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Why Do Facebook Videos Take Forever To Load?

Why Do Facebook Videos Take Forever To Load

At one point or on many occasions, you have probably struggled with Facebook videos that seem like they are taking an eternity to load. You have an interesting audio-visual and cannot wait to share it on your social media platform. Maybe you have a page where you like to post frequently about current happenings. But, the loading speed makes you feel like you should probably be doing something else.

Quick Answer

There are many reasons why a video loading process would drag forever on Facebook. Some of the key reasons people struggle with slow-loading videos include – an overloaded or outdated browser, heavy videos, or a bad internet connection

But you still want to have your videos up and share your stories, right? There are tips you can bear in mind to make the process faster, to avoid being at your wit’s end every time.

Tips To Download a Video on Facebook Faster

You will be happy to know that you can overcome most of the setbacks associated with slow-loading videos. You can troubleshoot why your audio-visual is not loading as fast as you want and discover how to solve the problem. Tips to rev the process include – checking your browser history, version, video size, and network connection. 

Tip #1: Clear Browsing History 

Google Chrome

Next time you struggle with a slow load, your browser history could be standing in the way. The internet saves a list of sites you have visited recently, and if you do not delete them, they might make your browser slower. 

The loaded browser overworks your machine that already has many backend activities to contend with to make it work. Hence, any other additional tasks do not work at their optimal state. 

For faster video downloads on Facebook, try clearing your browser cache. To get rid of the browser history on Chrome, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.
  3. Hover over “More tools.”
  4. Select “Clear browsing data.”

Tip #2: Check Browser Version

It is not always the Facebook platform to blame for slow loads. In some instances, the browser version you use could be slowing you down. Browsers you can use to access the internet include – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera Browser, etc. 

Each browser has requirements for constantly updating to keep it in its pristine state. Failure to do the updates lead to incompatibility with particular sites, slow speed, and cyber security risks. Your struggle to load the video on your Facebook page could be attributable to using an outdated browser version. 

Check your browser version to ascertain that it has the latest version and, if need be, update it. Each browser has unique signs if it is outdated. For example, Google Chrome has a dotted line at the top-right corner of its browser when up-to-date. If out-of-date, the dotted line changes to an arrow.

Tip #3: Check Video Size

Movie Scene

The video length ultimately determines its size. Naturally, heavy documents take longer to download on any site. So, the next time you feel in dire straits with a video that will not come up, its size could be the culprit.

Facebook video limits include 4 GB files with a maximum of 240 minutes. Video files above the specified specs experience challenges loading. The loading takes longer, and the video quality is not the same.  

If your video goes beyond the specified limits, do not fret because there are ways you can reduce the length, ultimately condensing the rest of the specs. Several open access tools are available online to help you compress the Facebook video file, enabling easy downloads.

Tip #4: Check Network Connection

You may be engrossed in waiting for your video to load that you do not realize that the internet connection is faulty. The internet supply may be intermittent, slow, or suddenly goes off in the middle of a download. You will keep getting an error, and you have to repeat the loading process many times over.

Nothing is exasperating as unreliable internet when trying to perform any online function. Check your WiFi or any other connection you use to access the Internet. Take note of the things that could be slowing down the internet, like too many devices connected, misplaced router location, abrupt disconnections, etc. 

Once you verify that your net connection is stable, assuming no other challenges, you can download your video on Facebook easily. Also, check the quality of internet you have and ensure it has the adequate speed for your exercise. You will need an internet download speed of at least 3 Mbps which should go up depending on video size.     


Downloading your Facebook videos need not be a frustrating exercise. Be done and dusted with the task once you figure out why it is not working well. Have the checklist of ticking off browser history, version, video size, and your network connection. There is a high likelihood that you will identify the culprit, if not several, among such setbacks.

Solve the video loading problem by clearing your browser history, updating it, condensing the video size, or having a reliable internet connection. Spending endless precious moments waiting for videos to download will soon be a distant memory.

You can now spend more time watching your social media videos instead of figuring out how to put them up in the first place.


Which is the best Facebook video downloader? 

The best video Facebook downloaders based on five-star ratings by a Software company include – Snapdownloader, ByClick Downloader, and Leawo Video Downloader. 

Can I change who can see my videos on Facebook? 

Yes, you can change who can see your downloaded videos on Facebook by clicking on the Audience Selector button and selecting your preferred audience.

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