Where Do Saved Telegram Videos Go?

Where Do Saved Telegram Videos Go

With Telegram, you can securely chat with someone and share media files. When texting someone and they send you media files, clicking on the video to view it will download it to your device.

When you want to access the Telegram videos you’ve downloaded on Telegran, you must first know where these videos are stored once downloaded on your phone. If you are unsure where your Telegram videos are, we will help you.

Quick Answer

When you access Telegram on your desktop, the videos you download will be stored in the Telegram folder under the “Video” directory. You can access the videos on your file manager under the Telegram folder inside the “Telegram Videos” subdirectory for Android. For iOS, you can’t find these videos locally. Your best option is to locate the video on Telegram and tap the option for “Save Video” to store the video in your Photos folder.

In this guide, we cover details about Telegram videos. We will see how to download videos shared on Telegram and the steps to access the videos you download on Telegram. Let’s get started.

Can You Download Telegram Videos?

Telegram is a popular instant and secure messaging platform. When using Telegram to chat with friends, you can upload media files, such as videos, to send to your target friend. When the receiver gets the shared video, they can open it to view it. The video will be downloaded to your device.

When you want to access the video later, you can access it by opening the Telegram chat, where you shared the video and access the media section of that person’s profile. Alternatively, you can access the video from your device’s storage.

To send someone a Telegram video, do the following.

  1. Open your Telegram application.Open Telegram Application
  2. Tap on the contact you want to share the video with.Locate The Chat Of The Person To Mute Telegram
  3. Once the conversation window opens, tap the attachment icon at the bottom.Tap The Attachment Icon Telegram
  4. Select your desired video and send it.Select Your Desired Video And Send It.

If someone has sent you a video, tapping it will download and play it.

Where Do Saved Telegram Videos Go?

When you download a Telegram video, accessing where the video has been saved is trouble for many people. If you, too, are having difficulty knowing where Telegram has saved the videos, the steps below will enlighten you.

On Telegram Desktop

For someone using Telegram on their desktop, videos you download when accessing Telegram on your desktop can be accessed in the Telegram folder under your downloads section. 

  1. Open your “File Explorer.”Open Your File Explorer.
  2. Click on the “Downloads” directory to open it.Click On The Downloads Directory To Open It.
  3. Find the “Telegram Downloads” folder and double-click on it.Find The Telegram Downloads Folder And Double-Click On It

You will find all the Telegram videos you downloaded in this directory using a Telegram desktop. For videos you downloaded on other platforms, you won’t find them inside this folder.

On Android

When using the Telegram app on your Android phone, you access the videos on your “File Manager or from the media section of the particular chat.

  1. Open your “File Manager on your Android.File Manager Mobile
  2. Click the “Internal Storage option or the “Phone,” depending on which you use as your default storage.Device Storage
  3. Locate the “Telegram” folder and open it.Telegram Folder Android
  4. Inside the Telegram folder, open the “Telegram Video folder.Open The Telegram Video Folder

You will find the videos inside this directory. Suppose you don’t get the videos. You can find them in the chat window. Proceed as follows.

  1. Open your Telegram application.Open Telegram Application
  2. Open the particular chat.Find The Telegram Chat To Mute
  3. Tap the profile tab at the top.Telegram Profile Tab At The Top
  4. Find the “Media tab and access all the shared media files.Find The Media Tab And Access All The Shared Media Files.

On iOS

For iOS, you can only access the videos inside the conversation where they were shared.

  1. Open Telegram.Open Telegram On Iphone
  2. Open the target conversation and tap the profile tab at the top.Tap The Profile Tab Telegram
  3. Find the option for “Media and open it.Find The Option For Media And Open It.

You will find all the shared files here. You can then tap on the video, select the “Save Video” option, and save it to your “Photos folder on your phone.


When someone sends you a Telegram video, you can find it on your File Manager app using Android. For iOS, you can find the media files in the conversation. We have discussed where to get any videos shared on Telegram.

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