What To Put In WhatsApp Bio?

What To Put In Whatsapp Bio

When you open someone’s profile on WhatsApp, you will find the bio they have added.

Most people use quotes or catchy phrases implying different things.

A WhatsApp bio is your way of speaking your mind to someone viewing your WhatsApp profile. Sometimes, we may get stranded on what we should put in our WhatsApp bio.

If you face the same issue, this post will guide you on what you should put in your bio.

Quick Answer

What you put in your WhatsApp bio depends on your mood or the message you want to give out. You can add motivational quotes, your availability status, funny, cool, swag, or creative messages. Besides, you can put the custom bio messages provided by WhatsApp if they match what you want to share with your audience. Ideally, you can add anything to your WhatsApp bio, even emojis.

What is a WhatsApp bio? We will discuss the WhatsApp bio in detail. We will see how to add a WhatsApp bio and present various categories of bios that you can use for your WhatsApp, giving an example of what to put for each mentioned category. You will have multiple options for what to put in your WhatsApp bio by the end of this guide.

What Is a WhatsApp Bio?

WhatsApp remains a favorite messaging platform for many people. You can communicate with someone via chat or call. When creating your WhatsApp account, you must add your details, including your WhatsApp name, bio, and profile picture.

A WhatsApp bio is your way of introducing yourself when someone views your profile. The WhatsApp bio can be an about-text or an emoji.

Having a meaningful bio goes a long way in enhancing your interaction with people. When in a WhatsApp group, someone can view your profile, and your WhatsApp bio is how they can know who you are, depending on what you’ve put as your bio.

So, how best should you create your WhatsApp bio, and what should you put?

Most people get stranded over what they should put as their WhatsApp bio, but this guide will shed light on the matter.

How To Add a WhatsApp Bio

Your WhatsApp bio is added when creating a WhatsApp account. However, you can edit the bio you added and add a more custom and descriptive bio. To access your WhatsApp bio, open your profile in edit mode.

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.
  2. Click the horizontal ellipsis at the top right of the chat window.
  3. Click on your profile.
  4. Tap the pencil icon on the “About”.
  5. Type in the bio, then click the “Save” button to save the changes.

If you don’t want to put a custom bio, select from the listed options provided by WhatsApp. Anyone interacting with your WhatsApp profile will see the bio you’ve added.

Ideas for What to Put in WhatsApp Bio

There are different categories of WhatsApp bios that you can put on your profile.

The choice depends on your goal and the impression you want to give.

For instance, you could add a motivational quote as your bio or add your status, such as “single for now”.

Let’s discuss the different categories for your WhatsApp bio.

Idea #1: Cool Bios

A cool bio makes you stand out and create a good impression on someone viewing your profile. You can add a cool bio to encourage yourself.

Examples of cool bios include:

  • I can’t help but smile at the world.
  • Feeling blessed, and I love it!

Idea #2: Motivational Quotes

Many people love using motivational quotes as their bio. It could be you are a motivational speaker or find it best to motivate people using your bio.

In that case, you can add a motivational phrase, such as:

  • Keep grinding. It’s a cold world out there.
  • Not all your followers enjoy your progress.

Idea #3: Creative Bios

An excellent way of expressing your creativity is by adding a creative WhatsApp bio. A creative bio gives the impression that you are intelligent and can trigger someone to contact you.

Examples include:

  • Think positive, live positive.
  • A worthy path has no shortcuts.
  • Struggle brings effort.

Idea #4: Funny Quotes

There is no harm in adding a funny quote to your bio. The bio could be a compliment about yourself or a funny topic.

For instance, a quote like “Isn’t God creative? Look how he made me!”

Such a bio is a fun way of complimenting your appearance.

Idea #5: Attitude Quotes

You can express your attitude in your WhatsApp bio. Besides, some express their feelings towards specific people using their bio.

Examples include:

  • Trust no one, your best friend can betray you.
  • Every lie has a truth in it.

Idea #6: Religious Bios

Suppose you are a religious person. You can add a religious quote, such as a bible verse.

Examples include:

  • In God, I trust.
  • I am God’s child. Love me or hate me.

Idea #7: Status Bios

Teen WhatsApp users are known for adding their status on their WhatsApp. You can add your relationship status as your bio or your current mood.

Examples include:

  • Taken, sorry.
  • It’s tough being a firstborn.

Idea #8: Life Quotes

Putting life quotes encourages anyone viewing your bio. Besides, it’s a great way of expressing your views about life.

Examples include:

  • You only live once. So, enjoy!
  • Good or bad, life has to move on.


You can put anything on your WhatsApp bio.

This guide has presented various categories of bios that you can consider when deciding what to put for your bio.

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