What To Do on FaceTime With Your Girlfriend?

What To Do On Facetime With Your Girlfriend

FaceTime is a video and audio calling platform that enables easy calls for iPhones and iPad. It is especially handy for people in long-distance relationships to have robust conversations.

However, FaceTime cannot maintain the spark and intimacy of a relationship. So what do you do on a FaceTime call with your girlfriend?

Quick Answer

When on FaceTime with your girlfriend, you can play games like “Truth or dare,” “Who would you rather?” and “Charades.” You may decide to watch movies together, do a scavenger hunt, go on a scenic walk or have a bake-off.

This article explains a series of activities you can do with your girlfriend on FaceTime to have a great experience. This list consists of games, while some are activities.

FaceTime in a Relationship

FaceTime is limited in its ability to maintain the connection in your relationship. If you live far from your partner, you must consciously think about activities you can do together to keep your spark alive. The goal of these activities is to ensure that you get to know more about your partner while feeling connected to them

12 Things To Do on FaceTime With Your Girlfriend

Most people only talk on FaceTime, which is a limited platform use. After a while, you can run out of things to discuss, and this list of activities will help you to avoid awkward silence. This list can be modified to fit the specific needs of your partner.

Here is a list of things to do on FaceTime with your girlfriend.

Would You Rather

You can play this popular party game with your girlfriend. Pitch two highly undesirable or desirable options and ask your partner to choose. The game’s fun is watching them struggle to make a choice.

Once they have decided, feel free to poke around to find out why they chose it. The possibilities with this game are endless and only depend on your imagination. If done well, the game can open up a conversation you would never have had. It would also keep you and your partner engaged.

Truth or Dare

This classic game is one you can play with your partner. By asking “Truth or Dare?” your partner agrees to tell the truth or perform a dare. If they pick “Truth,” you get to ask them any question, and they are obliged to speak the truth.

If they pick a dare, you need to select one they can perform virtually. You can choose the penalty for refusing to tell the truth or perform a dare. This game could lead to hilarious outcomes.

Mr. & Mrs.

This is a great party game for couples you can play on FaceTime. You ask personality-based questions and see if your answers match up. This game helps you to appreciate the differences between you and your girlfriend, and it helps you to know her a little bit more.


Charades is another party classic; you can play FaceTime with your partner. You need to act out a prompt to your partner, and they must guess what you are hinting at.

You can play the game by using a charade app or have a physical game made. You get to choose what topics you want to play. Your topics could include movies, music, books, or other pop culture references.

Ask Me Anything

This game is similar to the Truth component in “Truth or Dare.” It is, however, a more direct way of asking questions. With this activity, you get to ask your girlfriend a series of successive questions, and they have to answer openly. This is a great way to know about your partner more directly. It is also a fun game because you do not know what they might ask.

Movie Night

Movie night is a great way to maintain a connection with your girlfriend. Watching a movie is a communal activity designed to be done with other people. Movie night is a setting where you watch a movie with your girlfriend while on FaceTime. You can share your thoughts and see her reaction as the movie progresses.

Movie nights can be rewatching a show you both love or watching a new movie on Netflix. This experience may not be the same as being next to one another, but it helps bring you closer.

Take a Scenic Stroll Together

If you are in a different city from your girlfriend, taking scenic strolls on FaceTime is helpful. This helps to bring you into the realities of each other’s world.

You should pay attention to her environment and bring it up later in a conversation. This shows her that you care about her experiences. Virtual scenic walks also help calm you if you cannot take one.

Read to Each Other

Reading is a very powerful activity that brings people together. Reading to your girlfriend registers your voice and brings comfort to her.

It shows that you are intellectually invested in the relationship and want to share some insights with her. Once you are done reading a book section, pause and briefly discuss it. This helps you develop one another.

Play Online Games

There are many online games that you can play on iMessage while on FaceTime. This is another great activity to do together. It brings out the competitive side of both of you, and it is more exciting.

In addition, it brings fun and laughter into your relationship, which is a great thing.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an easy game to execute over FaceTime. First, select an image that you both know or that has significance to your relationship. Then, at the count of three, you both search for the photo in your camera roll.

The first person to find it, send it to the other person, and return to the FaceTime tab wins the round. You can play this as many times as possible, which is a great way to share images.

Music Jam Session

Music always brings people together, so you can play your favorite songs and listen together. You can create a mixtape for her and have her listen to it while you chat on FaceTime. You can sing along, as this helps to build intimacy.

Bake Off

Baking is an intensive activity that will keep your partner active and talking for a long time. You can decide to bake pastry from scratch and see who has the best culinary skills.

In Conclusion

When having a conversation with your girlfriend, it is important to keep it interesting. Your display of love is the most important aspect of these activities. Showing you enjoy spending time with her is sometimes more valuable than any activity.

If you ever wonder again how to keep your chat with your girlfriend active on FaceTime. Do not worry. This article breaks down 12 activities you can do with your girlfriend to keep her engaged.


How long should FaceTime with my girlfriend last?

There is no stipulated time to FaceTime with your girlfriend. You can speak for as little as 30 minutes to a few hours. What matters is the quality of the conversation.

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