What Is Description in YouTube?

What Is Description In Youtube

A description on YouTube is an essential tool for optimizing videos. Learning how a description works is vital if you’re a new creator who wants to know how to target your audience and gain subscribers quickly.

The YouTube algorithm uses a YouTube description to determine which category your video falls into and how to rank it in the search results.

Quick Answer

A description on YouTube is the text appearing below your video. Viewers can read the entire video description by clicking the “See More” button below the video. A description uses relevant keywords to describe what the video is about and to provide links to any resources mentioned in the video. Other information you can add to the description includes affiliate and website links, and your social media handles.

This post explains what a description on YouTube is, the difference between a video and a channel description, how to create impactful YouTube descriptions, and much more.

Overview of Description in YouTube

Descriptions are essential to YouTube videos as they inform viewers about the video. A description also contains keywords the YouTube algorithm uses to rank your video and make it visible to the intended audience. Proper video optimization is essential to raising engagement, as videos appear higher in search results.

Users commonly use channel and video descriptions interchangeably. Despite their similarities, the two have different purposes.

As the introduction notes, a video description appears below the video. Viewers can click the “See More” button to read the entire description.

A video description describes what the video is about using keywords that help in video ranking. Video descriptions vary from one video to another, as no two videos are the same. Creators write a video description for every video they upload.

On the other hand, a channel description explains what your channel is about. A channel description appears in your YouTube channel page’s “About” tab.

Unlike video descriptions, you can retain your channel description for as long as you wish or until you need to update it with new information.

In most cases, a channel description details what the channel is about, your content style and genre, and what your subscribers and viewers can expect. You can also include:

  • A video publishing schedule.
  • A link to your website.
  • Social media handles.
  • Any information that is relevant to viewers and subscribers.

Next, we’ll discuss how to create impactful video descriptions and add a description to a video.

How To Create an Impactful Video Description

Having the correct elements in your video description helps viewers discover your videos faster, leading to higher viewer and subscription numbers. Here are factors to consider when writing a video description.

Keyword Research

Keywords are terms the YouTube algorithm uses to determine the context of your video. To write a quality video description, do your keyword research on the best ranking terms for your video and include them in your description.

You can research other competitors’ video descriptions to learn the best keywords or use online keyword generator tools and websites.

Short and Precise

Even though YouTube has an 800-word limit for a video description, keeping it short and to the point is essential.

As you may know, a great first impression is crucial to capturing the viewer’s interest and convincing them to watch the video to the end. This is more likely if the description is concise rather than lengthy.

Understand Your Target Audience

Another way to write impactful video descriptions is to use relevant and relatable language.

Even though descriptions are essential in video ranking, it could be more distasteful to write misleading and clickbait descriptions to appeal to the algorithm.

Ensure you personalize your descriptions to create trust with your viewers and nature brand authenticity.

How To Add a Description to a YouTube Video

Here’s how to add a description to the videos you’ve uploaded on your channel.

  1. Sign into your YouTube account.
  2. Click the profile icon at the top-right corner.
  3. Select “YouTube Studio.”
  4. From the left side menu, click “Content.”
  5. Click on the video you’d like to add a description to.
  6. Ensure that the “Details” page is opened.
  7. Enter the description in the provided box.
  8. Click “Save.


A description on YouTube is the text appearing below your video. A video description uses keywords to explain what the video is about. The description can also feature links to resources, websites, and social media handles.

A video description differs from a channel description in that the latter explains what the channel is about and your content genre or style.

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