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What Does “TTM” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Ttm&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

I know most of you love Snapchat for its filters. One thing that strikes me as more interesting is the slang on this platform. It is on its own level – incomparable! Have you received a snap or chat with “TTM” and scratched your head?

Quick Answer

“TTM” is an acronym for talk to me. It means that the sender is asking you to chat with them. There is no hidden meaning. I know you were probably hoping for something different, but it is simple.

This article goes over the meaning of “TTM” and its usage on Snapchat. You will learn how to reply to it and alternative definitions that might apply on the platform depending on the context of the conversation.

What Is “TTM”?

“TTM” is the short form for “talk to me.” It is a way of getting the text recipient to chat with you. Some Snapchat users use the acronym to offer support to friends and loved ones. Similarly, it could be a way of expressing more interest in the recipient’s life.

On most occasions, it is used alone as a conversation starter. Sometimes, the sender can accompany it with other words like later or now. In the latter, it could appear off to the recipient depending on who they are to you.

If it is someone you are fond of, this mightn’t be a problem. Otherwise, “TTM now” might sound like nagging to someone else, while “TTM” latter might seem like the sender is a snob (well, they could be busy or don’t want to chat with you).

This one is pretty easy to guess. As a messaging platform, you would easily guess the first letter to stand for talk and the last to mean me. The middle letter might be challenging, but you will find its meaning if you play with words.

How Is “TTM” Used?

You can use “TTM” like you would its long-form in a face-to-face conversation. If a Snapchat user sends you this acronym, they could be encouraging you to talk to them. It could be someone you haven’t chatted with in a while and need to reconnect with.

It is a conversation starter, a snappy and fancy way of getting your message across to the other party. You can use it if a loved one or friend on Snapchat is having a hard time, and you need to assure them that they can open up to you.

Also, you can use it if you ask a Snapchat friend to spill some tea.

 When To Use “TTM” on Snapchat?

“TTM” is a casual way of asking someone to speak to you. See below some situations when you can use the acronym on Snapchat:

  • When you want to start a conversation with a Snapchat friend.
  • If you feel like a friend on Snapchat is going through a tough time, and you are open to listening to them, whether you will help or just for closure.
  • When you are encouraging someone to chat more with you.
  • If you are chatting with friends or loved ones you are fond of and need them to spill more tea.

How To Reply to ‘TTM’

You can reply or snob them when someone sends you a Snapchat text with “TTM.” Your mood determines your reply. Let them know politely if you aren’t in the mood to speak.

But if you can, reply by letting them know how you are. If the conversation context is a gist, be careful about how you spill the tea.

Do Not Share Personal Information

Not every “TTM” message on Snapchat is worth replying to. If you feel insecure about sharing information, refrain from continuing the conversation. Do not share personal information that can compromise your safety.

Other Meanings of ‘TTM’

“TTM” could also mean trailing twelve months or through the mail. This is one of the few acronyms with few possible meanings. Check the context of the conversation to know how “TTM” is used and how best to reply to it.


Language is evolving, slang is becoming prevalent across social media platforms, and Snapchat isn’t excluded. You have one if you are looking for casual and polite conversation starters! A common one is “TTM,” which means talk to me.

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