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What Does “NVM” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does “Nvm” Mean On Snapchat

The use of abbreviations or acronyms has become popular internet slang. It is often used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Users usually hasten the pace of sharing Info with this jargon. Hence, you may have seen one of your Snapchat friends texting with NVM and wondered what it might mean.

Quick Answer

The shortened word NVM stands for “Never Mind” but is sometimes translated to “Not Very Much.” Users use the first to express disinterest or when something isn’t worth talking about anymore. Others use it to express frustration, boredom, and sometimes sarcasm. Yet, it is usually best to use it for informal chats to discard an earlier statement.

NVM, or “never mind,” is a popular abbreviation on social media. This slang has been around since the early days of texting. Even so, the NVM phrase is used in many different contexts. Since NVM stands for “never mind,” you may use it in the same conditions as that word.

In this article, we will justify what NVM means and how you can use it. Also, you will get a bonus point for when to use and not use this slang.

What does “NVM” Mean on Snapchat?

The slang “NVM” is popular on all social media platforms with the same meaning. Still, NVM’s definition can differ depending on the context a user uses it. In some contexts, it has a negative tone, while in others, it gives a sarcastic tone. But in any case, the meaning is the same across all its uses.

In a real sense, NVM should come last after the user wants you to ignore what was discussed or said earlier. But there are cases where you can use it to start a sentence. Still, the context determines where you will place it in your statement. But you should know that its position sometimes gives it a different tone.

If you use it in a message for someone who has sent you something you already know about, it may mean, “I don’t care.” Also, if you use it after being told to do something you’re not interested in. In such a case, it may be trying to say, “I don’t want to.” Sometimes it’s used to say “never mind,” which means you don’t want to think about it anymore.

This section discusses the context where users use NVM and how to give meaning to it via the tone. In each scenario, we gave examples to help you better learn the idea. Below are the context and purpose you can associate with NVM.

Meaning #1: “Never Mind”

The primary purpose of this slang is to forget what the user said earlier. If not all cases, users use it for this purpose most times on social media. It comes at the end of an obvious sentence in this case. Hence you know you don’t have to worry about the statement when you get the abb at its end.

An example to illustrate what we just said is when you told your friend to bring a skateboard so you could ride with him on the field. Then you suddenly find your sibling’s skateboard that you can ride. Let’s say you texted your friends earlier saying, “Hi Elias, I’ll use your second skateboard on the field today.” You can follow up such text with NVM.

This tells Elias to disregard and not to worry about the first message. You can sometimes discard your message in a single sentence. For example, “I want to tell you the story of my life but NVM.” Another scenario to consider is when the context of the sentence changes the NVM meaning.

Sometimes this slang can help notify others that you made a mistake. It is common to send someone else’s messages to others due to a rush during chats. Thus, texting the user NVM” will indicate that it was a mistake and you didn’t mean to text such a user.

Meaning #2: “Not Very Much”

There’s also a little chance that whenever a user uses the “nvm,” they want to say not very much. Like we said earlier, the primary meaning associated with nvm is never. So, this may not be realistic, but we cannot rule out the chances of having it translate to this meaning. Its meaning is clear here as users use this when something is unavailable in abundance.

An example is when your colleague asks if you got something at a reasonable price. You can get a message asking, “I hope the dress price is low,” and reply with NVM. Your reply here does not mean never mind but not very much, which signifies to the other that the prices are not that low.


You can use NVM in an informal setting, that is, when with your loved ones. So, it would be best not to use it when talking to a boss or someone of a higher caliber. Both meanings explained in the article are what you can associate with NVM. The nevermind translation is just the most popular one every user mean in most case.

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