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What Does “IYKYK” Mean on Instagram?

What Does &Quot;Iykyk&Quot; Mean On Instagram

There is always a new perplexing slang word or an acronym that everyone is using on Instagram. One such term that you must have come across on your feed is “IYKYK.”.

Quick Answer

IYKYK stands for “If You Know, You Know.” It is a cryptic way to hint that a message or post makes sense to some people and makes no sense to other people.

Like most slang terms, IYKYK became popular on social media. This is like an inside joke. Only those who are in on the joke can understand it. Similarly, many people on your friend list might not understand the implied message. This makes your message exclusive to people who share your taste or know the context.

The thing with slang words is that knowing their meaning is not enough. Read on to find out how to use IYKYK on your Instagram posts correctly. But first, let’s see what slang terms and acronyms are.

Slang Terms and Acronyms Online

Language is constantly evolving with time. With modern technology and social media forums, new words and slang are continuously being introduced. Most of these slang words originated online. They might have been used even before, but with the advent of the internet, online chatting, and other social apps, the slangs spread wide and fast.

People nowadays want to stay connected at all times. Slang words and acronyms can save you some time when you are chatting on texts. Similarly, people do not want to feel left out and will use the trending terms everybody else uses.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines slang as “an informal nonstandard vocabulary” and “language peculiar to a particular group.” Slang terms used mainly by people are also carriers of the culture they originated from.

The same can be said about the contemporary slang terms that originate on online forums. More so because such slang words and phrases are more commonly used among younger audiences.

How Did “IYKYK” Become Mainstream?

Acronyms and terms such as IRL, BAE, and cringe have become a part of our daily written and spoken conversations. In fact, they are now even being added to the formal vocabulary.

Similarly, a definition of IYKYK can be found in the Urban Dictionary. However, no one knows the origin of the acronym. It is used on all social platforms, such as Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter.

The phrase became popular when Pusha T released the song “If You Know You Know.” However, it was Tiktok that finally made the acronym a mainstream term.

On Tiktok, you will find billions of videos tagged “IYKYK.” Since the phrase is so long, people prefer to use the acronym. After Tiktok and other social media platforms, it is now widely used in WhatsApp messages and IM chats.

How To Correctly Use IYKYK

IYKYK is used in instances where you want to refer to an event, meme, TV show, or even inside jokes that your friends will be able to relate to. When using IYKYK on Instagram or any social media post, the post should be about something not many people know.

A quote only some people know of, a fictional couple you root for, or an event your friends know of are some instances where you can use IYKYK.

For instance, you posted a picture of something crazy at the party last night. You can caption it IYKYK or even use its hashtag, #iykyk. People that were there will understand what you are implying.

Here are some captions for you to help you understand better:

  • ReyLo Wedding #IYKYK
  • I will never ever do this again #IYKYK
  • The last one standing is #IYKYK

IYKYK as a Marketing Tool

Instagram influencers and content creators often use the hashtag IYKYK to advertise products and services. With the kind of reach they have, they can target specific niches and groups of people that might be interested in the product. If the post goes viral on Instagram, it can result in significant profits.

For example, to market a well-known watch brand, the influencer will post its picture with the hashtag IYKYK. This will communicate to their followers, who are already aware of the brand, that the watch is high-quality.

Similarly, influencers can share pictures of tourist spots or restaurants with the tag IYKYK. It also creates a mystery about the product or service. People unaware of the product or service will look into it out of curiosity.


The main thing to remember about using IYKYK is that it is made to be cryptic. So do not give away much, whether using it on your post or as a content creator. IYKYK is so vague it can be used in various situations. Be it the music you are listening to or the latest gossip at your workplace.

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