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What Does “IMK” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does &Quot;Imk&Quot; Mean On Snapchat

Social media conversations are the center of the invention of various slang and abbreviations. People use many abbreviations to accommodate their typing speed while texting on social media apps like Snapchat. With all those stickers, emojis, and disappearing messages, Snapchat intends to keep its chat rooms interesting. And with popular abbreviations like IMK, the light doesn’t go out of the platform’s inboxes. So, if you’re new or unaware of what IMK stands for, you’re at the right place.

Quick Answer

“IMK” is a relatively new abbreviation that sprouted from social media chat spaces like Snapchat. “IMK” stands for “In My Knowledge,” where the sender probably means that they’re sure what they say is correct to the best of their knowledge.

If you want to gather a proper understanding of Snapchat conversation shortcuts and slang, this article will unfold the mystery of abbreviations like “IMK.”

Why Do We Use Abbreviations on Snapchat?

Snapchat conversations can go on for a long time, and if it’s with the right person, it may still be longer. If you aren’t aware of the latest trends of abbreviations and slang millennials use on Snapchat, you could end up sounding clueless when you see them use such words. This will not only affect your impression but may also contribute to miscommunication.

Using abbreviations like IMK, IKR, IMY, etc., on Snapchat and other social media platforms reduces the time it takes to type the complete forms. While texting, our primary goal is to get the message in real-time without punching our thumbs on our phone screens to the point where they start to hurt.

Another reason why people use these abbreviations is to establish the ground for a common understanding. The ultimate way to communicate extends beyond the conventional use of a language. To fully communicate means establishing a ground for common sense where both parties know the recent variations in the language. This impacts the effectiveness of any communication.

What Is the Meaning of “IMK” on Snapchat?

There are various instances where one needs to repeat a commonly used phrase while texting. Commonly used phrases assist your message in carrying an additional meaning. For example, “As a matter of fact, the cat did steal the bread.” Here, “as a matter of fact” is a commonly used phrase that emphasizes that the cat stole the bread.

Likewise, the commonly used phrase “IMK,” which stands for In My Knowledge, adds a special meaning to a message. This phrase is used whenever one needs to add that whatever message they’re conveying stands true to the best of their knowledge. This in no way implies that whatever they’re saying is an undeniable fact but merely suggests that it’s true as far as they know.

Using these phrases while texting could add to the typing load and slow our chatting speed. This is why people started shortening these commonly used phrases into abbreviations so that people can use them universally since everybody needs to use them. As a result, the Snapchat texting arena has given rise to various other abbreviations and slang we use daily.


A sister abbreviation to “IMK” popular over social media texting space is “IMO.” IMO stands for “In My Opinion,” which carries a similar meaning to “IMK.” The difference is literal, where “In My Knowledge” indicates something to be accurate as per information available with the sender. However, “In My Opinion” means that the sender merely wishes to express their opinion on any matter.

What Are the Other Slangs You Can Use To Stay Relevant on Snapchat?

Texting friends on Snapchat or even with newer contacts can be an enthralling experience if appropriately done and equipped with all the new slang and contractions. Here are a few new abbreviations you can memorize to stay on top of the trends:

  • IKM: Stands for “I Know, Man.” It denotes that you are aware and strongly agree with what your friend says.
  • BRB: Stands for “Be Right Back.” It means that you are going away from your phone and will be back in no time.
  • LMK: Stands for “Let Me Know.” It means you want your friend to update you on any concerned topic.
  • IKR: Stands for “I Know Right.” It is also a way to say that you agree with them.
  • TTYL: Stands for “Talk To You Later.” It is used right before you say goodbye and end a conversation.


Learning Snapchat abbreviations and slang will enable you to make the most of the current texting trend and can even help you make like-minded friends. Moreover, being aware of the abbreviations like IMK on Snapchat can reduce the texting time and effort it takes to type the complete form. This article will help you understand the proper meaning of the abbreviation “IMK.” Have fun texting!

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