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What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Gts Mean On Snapchat

A while ago, not long after I started using Snapchat, a friend of mine sent me a capture of him in a hotel swimming pool during his vacation with “#GTS” on it. It caught my attention as I had never seen that before and didn’t know what it meant.

It’s not easy for those new to Snapchat and other social media platforms to understand specific terms such as ‘GTS,’ ‘LOL,’ and others. Since that was a new one for me, I decided to look into it by doing some research and asking other people about it.

Quick Answer

When ‘GTS’ is used on Snapchat, it most often stands for ‘Good Times’ and shows that you’re having fun, a good time, or maybe just a chill moment. However, there are also other possible meanings.

In this article, I’ll talk about what those meanings are, under which circumstances they fit well, give you some examples to identify what #GTS” means in each case, and teach you how to use it “depending on the case.

Meaning #1: Good Times in the Sense of Chilling

Beach In The Evening

As I previously said, the typical meaning of ‘GTS’ on Snapchat is ‘good times’ in the sense of enjoying the moment. This can be used to communicate that you’re having a nice moment and just enjoying life free of obligations at that moment.

An excellent example of that would be sending a capture while on your couch watching TV or spending some time at the beach. You could, for instance, take a photo of a coconut with the sea at the back while laying down on a beach chair and write nothing but ‘GTS,’ preferably with a hashtag in front.

Meaning #2: Good Times in the Sense of Enjoying the Interaction

It could also mean ‘good times’ in the sense of telling the other person you’re interacting with that you’re having a good time talking to them.

So, for instance, let’s say you’re exchanging snaps with a friend of yours, and they make a joke. You could reply something like ‘LOL #GTS,’ which not only shows that you’ve appreciated their joke but also let them know that you’re having a great time talking to them.

Meaning #3: Go To Sleep

Kitten Sleeping

Another possible meaning of ‘GTS’ on Snapchat could be ‘go to sleep.’ This one is used less often as Snapchat users will most often say something like ‘go 2 sleep’ to communicate that, but it might still occur once in a while.

This one might seem rude if used at the wrong time with the wrong person, so be careful. An excellent example of a situation where you could use it would be when you’re talking to a close friend late at night and want to bring the conversation to an end.

Instead of saying something like, ‘I’m tired, let’s stop chatting, you could simply say something cooler followed by ‘#GTS,’ provided they’ll know what it means and won’t be offended by it.

Other Possible Meanings

Since it’s not an expression that you can find in the dictionary, ‘GTS’ might also have a wide variety of other meanings as pretty much anyone can come up with an expression with three words that start with ‘G,’ ‘T’ and ‘S’ and reduce it to the ‘GTS’ expression. It all comes down to whether it will become main spread or not.


While there’s more than one possible meaning for ‘GTS,’ the most commonly used on Snapchat by far is ‘good times’ in the sense of enjoying the moment and having a good time.

However, it can also be used to communicate that you’re enjoying the interaction or tell the other person to ‘go to sleep’ in a casual manner that you should ideally use only with close friends who’ll know that you mean well with it.

Something I’d like you to remember is that, just like you didn’t know what ‘GTS’ stood for until now, not everyone will understand it when you use it, especially if you’re using it with the least common meanings. A good piece of advice is to use it mostly with people who are very active on social media and are far more likely to understand what it means.

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