What Does “FT” Mean in Discord?

What Doed &Quot;Ft&Quot; Mean In Discord

The use of abbreviations and slang is not new on social media platforms like Discord. Users use coded language to communicate with others, and everyone understands the acronym or lingo.

However, if you are new to a server or have never encountered such a phrase or acronym, it can be hard to understand what is happening.

One acronym that’s common in Discord servers is “FT.” For instance, you may see a member in a Pokemon Discord server write, “FT: shiny iron moth.”

Members in these groups understand the acronym, but if you are new to the group, you might need an explanation of what “FT” means.

So what does “FT” mean in Discord?

Quick Answer

In Discord, “FT” means “For Trade.” The acronym is popular in Pokemon Trading Card Game (Pokemon TCG) Discord servers, whereby users use it to alert other users they are trading an in-game item, such as a card or sword. “FT” is commonly used alongside “LF,” which means “Looking For.”

This post explains what FT means in Discord.

Overview of FT in Discord

The acronym “FT” bears several meanings, depending on the context and where it’s used.

For instance, if you are chatting with someone about music, and they say a particular song is by “artist X ft. Y,” the acronym here, means artist X featuring artist Y.

At the same time, if you are private messaging your friend on Discord and they ask you, “can we FT?” The acronym in this context means the friend is asking you if you can FaceTime them on the phone.

The “FT” that’s relatively common and unique for Discord is the one that appears when users are interacting in a trading Discord server. It mostly appears alongside “LF,” which is an acronym for “Looking For.”

Let’s dive deeper into the meaning of “FT” in Discord.

What Does FT Mean in Discord?

In Discord, “FT” means “For Trade.” When someone uses the acronym before their message, it means they are trading the item described in the message.

“FT” is commonly used together with “LF,” where the user alerts the others they’re looking for an in-game item alongside selling theirs.

Pokemon Trading Card Game (Pokemon TCG) is an online video game where players battle each other using 60-card decks.

A player can trade several Pokemon items, including cards and swords. If a player has a sword they want to trade, they will promote it to other players in the Discord community.

For instance, a player can write the following message: “FT: Shiny Gray Sword, LF: Iron Hand.”

The statement means the player is trading a shiny gray sword and looking for an iron hand. In that case, a player interested in the sword will share their interest in it, while an iron hand seller will contact the player for a possible trade.

Winding Up

Abbreviations, acronyms, and slang words are common on social media platforms where people with common interests use coded language to communicate.

Discord has a fair share of these acronyms, and “FT” is one of them. “FT” means “For Trade” in Discord.

The acronym is common in Pokemon TCG Discord servers, where users alert others they’re selling something.


What do “FT” and “LF” stand for in Discord?

“FT” and “LF” stand for “For Trading” and “Looking For,” respectively. The acronyms are used in trading groups whereby someone starts their message with either of them to notify other members of what they are trading or looking to buy.

How do I respond to an “FT” message on Discord if I want the item being traded?

If someone has sent an “FT” message and you’re interested in the item, you can respond to their messages in two ways. First, you can reply to a message on that thread and mention them, telling them you’re interested. Alternatively, you can send them a direct message (DM) to tell them you are interested in their offer.

What does “FT” mean in a Discord DM?

If someone sends you a direct message with “FT” in it, they want to FaceTime with you. FaceTime is a video calling app on the iPhone, Mac, or iPad. You can go ahead and FaceTime the user if you have access to the app. At the same time, you can tell them it’s impossible if you don’t have supporting devices or you aren’t comfortable with a video call with them.

What is the difference between “FT” and “TT” in trading?

“FT” means “For Trade,” while “TT” stands for “Touch Trade.” The former means an in-game item is up for sale, while the latter means the owner is trading the item then, and the buyer trades it back to them.

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