What Does Copium Mean in Twitch?

What Does Copium Mean In Twitch

The internet has a lot to offer, and each day you will encounter new lingos that may quickly confuse you when you don’t know what they mean. For instance, what does “copium” mean on Twitch?

If you’ve encountered the term but don’t know what it means, this post will help you get to its root, ensuring you get comfortable using it.

Quick Answer

Copium is used in a satirical way when one wants to criticize the other. It is a combination of “cope” and “opium,” and you will often see it used to mean “cope and smoke opium.” Ideally, it is someone’s way of telling others to accept something, such as a defeat, and cope. If a streamer gets defeated in a game on Twitch, you can share the copium meme to tell them to better deal with their loss and inhale copium to feel better for the defeat.

Copium is an example of slang on Twitch; we will discuss its meaning in detail to ensure you understand what it means and how to utilize it in your Twitch conversation. Moreover, we will give examples of how to use it. Let’s get started!

Why Is Slang Popular on Twitch?

Gamers are Twitch’s biggest users because Twitch offers live streaming features, making it the most widely used live streaming platform. To join a live stream, you can sign up on Twitch, search for a channel of choice, and then follow it to keep up with what the creator will share.

When you join a live stream, you will interact with other viewers in the chat section. You may encounter new slang terms when reading chats shared by other viewers. Many users enjoy using slang to hide the meaning of their actual intentions.

The slang terms help stay unique and sometimes act as an abbreviation. Some slangs combine words with a specific meaning on the platform. While some are meant to cheer the creator, some are used as memes to spice the mood and enhance engagement.

What Does “Copium” Mean in Twitch?

Every meme or slang has its origin, and the case is not different for copium. The term “copium” was used for a music album name in 2003, but it didn’t surface then. However, the term gained more significance in 2016 after people started using it online, and soon it found its place on Twitch.

Copium was also used during the 2020 elections in the USA, and it was linked with the Pepe meme character. Well, copium combines two words: “cope” and “opium.” Cope is used when you encourage someone to keep pushing or stay firm when dealing with something. For instance, you can tell someone to cope with the challenging economic times.

However, opium refers to an addictive drug that you can inhale when you wish to abuse it. So, when you see someone using a “copium” with the Pepe meme, they are utilizing it satirically to tell the other person to better deal with a situation and inhale opium.

What’s its relevance on Twitch? Here’s the thing, if you’ve joined a gamer in the live stream and they had a challenge to achieve. Suppose that a gamer fails to hit their challenge or loses in the game. You can use “copium” with the Pepe meme to tell them to cope with the defeat and inhale opium.

In such an instance, when you send the copium meme, anyone viewing the chats will understand that you’ve used it satirically against the Twitch streamer. A good example of using it is when you’ve lost back-to-back games on live stream on Twitch, and your viewers urge you to sink in the copium.

They are telling you to accept the matter and cope with the defeat. You will notice that the copium meme represents a frog with an inhalant connected to a container named “copium.” The meme means that you should focus on getting a dosage of copium to heal the situation of loss.


Copium is a combination of “cope” and “opium,” it is used satirically to tell someone to accept a situation, cope with it, and inhale opium in consolation.

We’ve defined what copium is and its relevance on Twitch. Moreover, we’ve given an instance of where and when to use it on Twitch.

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