How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos

How To Upload Whatsapp Photos To Google Photos

Creating a backup of your photos is crucial in ensuring you don’t lose your data.

Besides, with a backup option like Google Photos, all your backed-up images can be accessed anywhere, provided you have access to your email account.

WhatsApp photos may not be set to backup to Google Photos automatically.

So, you must know how to upload your WhatsApp photos to Google Photos.

Quick Answer

For Android, open the Google Photos application. Depending on your phone model, tap on the “Library” option at the bottom, then tap on the “Utilities” option or the inverted triangle next to your Google account. Click on the “Device folders” option. Scroll down and enable the option for WhatsApp images. Still, you can set your phone to upload all pictures to Google Photos. For iOS, you must use a backup tool to transfer WhatsApp images to Android and then upload them.

We will begin the post by understanding what Google Photos mean. Next, we will discuss different options for uploading WhatsApp photos to Google Photos on Android. Still, we will discuss the option to upload WhatsApp images on iPhone.

What Are Google Photos?

Google launched the Google Photos application to let people store photos from their devices associated with their email addresses in cloud storage.

Ideally, the free storage subscription is around 15 GB for every email. Besides, it supports Android and iOS devices.

Anything uploaded on Google Photos can be accessed and downloaded, such as when you want to back up your photos to an external device.

Android users can set their phone to automatically backup and sync all photos to Google Photos.

How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos for Android

Android phones come with the Google Photos application installed. Suppose you don’t have the application; install it from the Play Store.

There are two ways to upload your WhatsApp photos to Google Photos on Android.

Method #1: Via Backup & Sync

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Photos application on your phone. Open Google Photos Application On Phone
  2. Ensure you are signed into your Google account, and tap on the profile icon at the top.Tap On The Profile Icon
  3. On the menu, tap on the “Photo settings” option. Tap On The Photo Settings
  4. Tap on the “Backup” or “Backup & sync” option. Tap On The Backup
  5. Ensure the option for “Backup is enabled. This option automatically sets all photos on your phone to upload to Google Photos. Ensure The Backup Is Enabled
  6. Scroll down and tap on “Back up device folders.” Click On The Back Up Device Folders.
  7. Locate the option for “WhatsApp Images” and enable it. Locate And Enable Whatsapp Images Option

Method #2: Via Library Option

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Photos application on your phone. Open Google Photos Application On Phone
  2. At the bottom of your window, find the option for “Library” and tap on it. Click On Library
  3. Select “Utilities.” Select Utilities.
  4. Tap on the “Device Folders” option. Tap On The Device Folders Option.
  5. Scroll down and tap on “WhatsApp Images” to upload the photos. Tap On Whatsapp Images Folder To Upload

The two options ensure all your WhatsApp photos get uploaded to your Google Photos and will sync automatically.


This “Library” method might not work with some Android devices.

How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos for iPhone

Unlike Android, uploading WhatsApp images to Google Photos on iPhone is challenging. Google Photos works with Google Drive, and you can directly link your iPhone to your Google Drive.

In that case, we must first transfer the WhatsApp images from an iPhone to a PC.

From there, we can upload the images to Google Drive, where we can access the WhatsApp images from Google Photos.

Here’s how to upload images to Google Photos using an iPhone.

  1. Find a reliable transfer tool and install it on your PC. There are multiple options, including Wondershare MobileTrans, AppTRans, Tenorshare iCareFone, etc.Install A Reliable Transfer Tool Tenorshare
  2. Connect your iPhone to the PC.Connect Your Iphone To The Pc.
  3. Click on the “Backup & Restore” option, then select “Backup Now.”Select Backup Now.
  4. Once the WhatsApp images get detected, transfer them and let the process complete.Transfer Whatsapp Images
  5. Open your browser where you’ve signed into your Google account, then visit the Google Drive website.Visit The Google Drive Website
  6. Click “New” and then select either the “File upload” or “Folder upload” option.Select The File Upload Or Folder Upload
  7. Select the files or folder containing your WhatsApp images, then tap the “Upload” button.Tap The Upload Button

Open Google Photos on your Android phone and ensure you’ve signed into the same Google account used to upload the WhatsApp images to Google Drive.

You will find the WhatsApp images you uploaded from your iPhone if you’ve enabled sync.

With Google Photos, all that’s needed is to have the sync feature enabled, and you can access all the uploaded images.


Uploading WhatsApp photos to your Google Photos is easy if you know the steps.

This post has covered the steps to follow for Android and iPhone.

Hopefully, you’ve followed along and uploaded your WhatsApp photos to create a backup on your Google account.

Frequently Asked Question

Does the iPhone support Google Drive?

There is no direct way of transferring files from your iPhone to your Google Drive account. iPhone uses iCloud, not Google Drive. So, you must transfer the WhatsApp images to a PC. You can open your Google Drive on a browser and upload specific files or folders.

How can I upload WhatsApp photos to Google Photos?

Open your Google Photos application for Android and tap on the library option. Next, click on utilities and enable the option for WhatsApp images to upload the images to your Google Photos. For iPhone, use a backup tool to transfer the images to a PC. Next, open your Google account and upload the images to your Google Drive.

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