How To Set Up Your Office for Zoom

How To Set Up Your Office For Zoom

Online conferences have become common, and we’ve adopted this new way of interacting with people. Zoom is a widely used videoconferencing platform for meetings, interviews, tutoring, etc.

When you have to use Zoom for all your meetings, you need to set up your office to create a presentable look and save you the hassle of setting up key details at the last minute.

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Setting up your office for Zoom is easy. First, focus on the lighting. Ensure you have good lighting in the office. You can use lighting lamps. Minimize backroad noise in the room or use a microphone when on Zoom. Again, your background must be neat and presentable. Also, ensure you have a comfortable seat. Place your camera at eye level in a raised position and keep it a reasonable distance from your position. Lastly, ensure the room has a reliable internet connection.

Having a presentable office when appearing on Zoom creates an official feeling. We will discuss different factors you should consider when setting up your office for Zoom. Read on!

How To Set Up Your Office for Zoom

We live in the era of videoconferencing, and everything is happening remotely, from interviews to seminars. Your background will be visible to others when you attend a Zoom meeting. Hence, having a Zoom-ready office is essential.

The factors below will help you set up your office for Zoom.

1. Work on the Lighting

When attending your Zoom meeting, the lighting levels determine how clear you will appear on the camera.

Everyone hates a poor-quality appearance. You must ensure your lighting is in check when setting up your office.

You can rely on natural lighting by drawing the curtains in the room and facing the light source.

Alternatively, you can invest in a ring light that you can place at your front to light your appearance when on a Zoom meeting.

With good lighting, you will appear clearly, and your video feed will appeal to everyone.

2. Check the Background

You can’t have good lighting and poor background. So, ensure where you set up your office, the background is presentable.

Your background should have a neat arrangement. It must reflect an office by having an office look.

For the background color, it’s best if you avoid shouting colors for the background paint.

3. Get a Comfortable Seat

You should invest in getting a comfortable office chair. That way, you won’t strain when attending the Zoom session.

If you have a poor seat, you will experience back pains. Again, if you expect to have numerous Zoom sessions, you must have a comfortable chair to sustain you during the sessions.

When you get a comfortable seat, you can focus with minimal effort and sit upright while maintaining eye contact during the session.

4. Ensure You Have Internet Access

Zoom is an online platform. You must have internet access to use Zoom. Therefore, your office should have a way of accessing a stable internet connection.

A weak internet connection will affect your video quality and break the video feed.

The good idea is to connect your Zoom device to the internet via a wired cable. That way, you will enjoy uninterrupted Zoom sessions.

5. Reduce Background Noise

Minimize the background noise around your office.

When you unmute your microphone, such as when interviewing someone, others will hear the background noise around you.

Therefore, set up your office away from the noise and use a microphone when speaking to be audible.

6. Adjust the Camera Level

When positioning your webcam, ensure you keep it at eye level.

That way, you will maintain eye contact with others and show your attentiveness.

If possible, place the webcam slightly raised so that you don’t appear to be facing down.

7. Position the Webcam Properly

Again, place the webcam slightly far from you, so you don’t appear right in front of it.

The aim is to ensure the webcam can grab your view from the shoulders to the top.

Move your seat away from the webcam or move the webcam slightly back to create a distance separating you from the camera source.


Setting your office for Zoom involves different creative tasks.

We’ve covered the seven factors to consider to ensure you create a presentable Zoom office and guarantee a quality Zoom experience.

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