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How To See New Followers on Instagram

How To See New Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a platform for sharing content on social media (photos, videos, stories, etc.). You can follow the Instagram accounts of people and businesses that interest you on the platform. On the other hand, individuals or businesses can follow your news by subscribing to your Instagram profile.

When you follow an Instagram account, their Instagram posts will show up in your feed. In contrast, your account’s followers will see your Instagram posts in their news feed. This post will go through how you can see new followers on your personal or professional profile or someone’s latest Instagram followers.

Quick Answer

To see new followers on Instagram, visit your profile and click on your followers. Since the followers are shown from most recent to least recent, you must be aware that each last follower will be at the top of the list. You can simply click on their profile if you are interested in knowing any of your new followers.

It is crucial to understand that regardless of the device you use, the Instagram interface orders followers from the most recent to the oldest, so it makes no difference if you use an Android or an iPhone.

Finding the Most Recent Follower on Your Instagram Profile

You only need to access your Instagram profile and select the “Followers” option to check who your most recent followers are.

Instagram lists followers in order of most recent followers. Remember that the person who followed you last will appear at the top of the list.

The process is the same if you want to find out who was the last follower of another person’s account, you need to access their profile and click “Followers”. The accounts that pop up at the top of the list are those of the most recent followers of that user.

How To Filter Your Followers by “Most Recent” or “Oldest”

Normal accounts on Instagram cannot sort followers, so if you want to use sorting and apply it to your followers, you must switch to a professional account.

Similarly, switching from an account to a professional account enables us to access statistics and features exclusive to this kind of account. As a result, you may sort both your followers and any publications you create while using the account, as well as to both.

Using other applications, which require your personal information and may even link to Instagram, is an additional strategy. Each user is responsible for using this kind of page or application.


It’s simple and free to view your most recent Instagram followers. Most significantly, you can use the “Sort by: Most recent following date” function in the Instagram mobile app to view the most recent followers on your Instagram profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Instagram “followers” mean?

Instagram accounts you (or another account) follow are known as follows. As they upload, you’ll see their Instagram-created content (photos and videos) in your newsfeed.

How do you view a person’s Instagram private followers?

It is impossible to view a person’s private followers. If the person has a public profile, clicking on “followers” on their profile will allow you to see who they follow. This option won’t be accessible if the user’s profile is private.

When do you have a new follower?

You instantly receive a notification on your Instagram app when someone follows you. By selecting the heart in the upper right corner of your screen, you may access the “Activity” area. Along with the names of the Instagram accounts that follow you, “started following you” will appear in your activity stream.

What differentiates “followers” from “following” on Instagram?

People who follow an Instagram account are called followers, while those an account (like you) follows are known as following.

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