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How To Rotate Video Calls in Messenger

How To Rotate Video Call In Messenger

One of the amazing features of Messenger is its video call feature.

You can make a one-on-one video call with your friend conveniently.

In a Messenger video call, you may want to rotate the video call to switch between the selfie and front camera views.

It could be you want to place your phone on a stand or for other reasons.

Whatever the case, it’s possible to rotate video calls in Messenger.

Quick Answer

When you start a video call, various menu options appear at the top and bottom of the screen to help control various features. At the top, click the camera icon that has two arrows. Once you click on it, the video call will rotate from selfie mode to the front camera. Anything at the front of your phone’s camera will display in the video call. So, if you want to show something to someone, such as your room, rotating the video call does the magic.

This guide covers everything about rotating video calls in Messenger. We will begin by seeing the steps to make a video call on Messenger, then discuss how to rotate the video call to achieve different views. Still, we will cover a few questions users ask about video calls in Messenger.

How To Start a Messenger Video Chat

Facebook designed Messenger as a standalone application to help connect with Facebook friends.

Facebook friends can interact via text or start a video chat on Messenger. Still, you can view the Facebook Stories of friends without opening Facebook.

Making a video call on Messenger is a straightforward task.

If you’ve never tried it, use these steps to start the video chat:

  1. Open the Messenger application on your phone. Facebook Messenger Phone
  2. On the “Chats” tab, locate the person you want to interact with and open their chat thread.Locate The Conversation On Messenger Chat
  3. Once the chat window opens, tap the video icon at the top and start the video chat. Alternatively, click the “Video call” tab and search for the person you want to call.Click The Video Icon To Initiate Video Call
  4. Messenger will call your target friend; if available, they will connect to it, and you will see them appear on your screen.

To make a group call, locate the group chat and click the video call icon at the top. Messenger will call everyone in that group, and they can join or reject the group video call.

If you want to move your preview window, press on it and drag it anywhere you prefer on the window, especially the corners, to avoid blocking your view.

How To Rotate Video Calls in Messenger

Now that our video call is started, how can we rotate it?

It could be you are having a video chat with your best friend and want to show them your closet or change the view.

In that case, you may opt to rotate the video call so that instead of using the selfie mode, you can use the front camera.

Use the steps below:

  1. On your video chat screen, click the camera icon at the bottom with arrows inside. Click The Camera Icon With Arrows Inside At The Bottom
  2. Once you do, the video call will rotate and start showing what is in front of your camera. You can then move around, showing whatever you want to show to the person on the video chat.Video Call Will Rotate
  3. To return to selfie mode, click on the camera icon again, and you will return to the face-to-face view on the video chat. Click On The Camera Icon Again

That’s how you can rotate the video call on Messenger to switch between the display.


Video calls are great for a one-on-one conversation.

You can rotate the camera during a video call by clicking the camera icon at the top.

Doing so will switch to using the front camera instead of the selfie view.

We’ve seen the step-by-step guide for starting a video call and rotating it to change the display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rotate video calls in Messenger?

Yes, you can. Start a video call, then locate and click on the camera icon at the top of the screen. Once you do, Messenger will start using the front camera for your video call. You can click on it to rotate the video call again and use the selfie mode.

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