How To Record Skype Calls for Podcast

How To Record Skype Calls For Podcast

Skype offers a free and easy way of recording content for a podcast. You can record the audio of your Skype call and use it for your content; there are plenty of ways to go about it.

Most people use Skype to minimize physical movement when interviewing guests from other locations.

If you’ve recently acquired interview time with a guest, knowing how to record Skype calls for podcasts is handy.

Quick Answer

You have different options for recording Skype calls. You could use the built-in recording feature offered by Skype. Still, you could use reliable Skype call recording software. Moreover, you can get external audio recording equipment to record your Skype call. The method you use depends on your budget and the features of each option.

We will begin by understanding what it takes to record a Skype call for a podcast. Next, we will cover the various options for recording a Skype call, mentioning each method’s key highlights, and conclude by discussing commonly asked questions about recording Skype calls.

Recording Skype Calls for Podcast

Podcasting remotely lets you interact with guests from different locations in the comfort of your home. To achieve this, you need to make a call with the guests and record it for your podcast. Luckily, Skype offers you a convenient way of making video and audio calls.

Besides, Skype currently has a built-in recording feature that you can utilize to record your call. To use Skype, you only need a Skype account, and the guest must also setup up a Skype account.

Skype, however, has some drawbacks when using it for a podcast:

  1. It doesn’t offer transcription services to convert the speech to text.
  2. Its recording quality is not the best when using its built-in recording feature.
  3. Skype requires a stable internet connection, and the recorded file is stored on the cloud.

On the bright side, various benefits come with using Skype for a podcast:

  1. Skype is easy to use, and its interface is friendly.
  2. There is no cost incurred to use Skype and its built-in recording feature.
  3. Skype is compatible with many devices.

How To Record Skype Calls for Podcast

There are different ways of recording Skype calls for a podcast.

Method #1: Using Skype’s Built-In Feature

Using the built-in recorder is the simplest way of recording on Skype.

Skype introduced this feature to allow users to capture their calls for online content without needing third-party tools. The recorded call is stored on the cloud, and you must have a good internet connection to avoid disruption.

With this method, you won’t get any editing features, and it doesn’t support double-ender recording. Nonetheless, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Skype on your desktop and start your call.
  2. Once connected, locate the plus icon on the screen and click on it.
  3. Tap the “Start recording” option.
  4. When done recording, stop the recorder.
  5. Open your chat section, click the “More” button, and save the call using the available options.

You can proceed to use your recorded Skype call for your online activities.

Method #2: Using a Skype Call Recorder

There is plenty of Skype call recording software that you can use. This method involves looking for reliable software, downloading it, and installing it on your computer.

When starting your Skype call, open the installed recording software and start recording your Skype call.

The recording software will store the audio file. You can then edit and produce it for your podcast.

Most Skype recording software comes with a subscription plan, but the quality of their recording and the features they offer are worth it.

The only drawback is that your recording may get lost when the computer crashes during the Skype call.

Method #3: Using an External Recorder

Having an external device guarantees that your recording won’t be lost even in the event of your computer crashing. However, an external device attracts additional costs required to purchase the device.

Once you have your external digital recorder, start your Skype call and start the recording. Once the Skype call ends, stop the recording, transfer the recorded audio, edit it, and use it for your podcast.


There are various ways to record Skype calls for a podcast.

You can utilize the built-in recorder for Skype, use an external recorder, or install Skype recording software.

This guide has covered the three options in detail, ensuring you get comfortable trying them out to find which best works for your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you record Skype calls for podcasts?

Yes, you can. Skype is ideal for remote podcasts as you can interact with your guest via Skype. During the call, you can use various ways to record and use the Skype call for your podcast. We’ve covered three reliable ways that you can use to record Skype calls. Try them out.

How can I record Skype calls for podcasts?

You have three ways to record Skype calls. You can utilize the built-in recorder offered by Skype. This method is free and the simplest way to record a Skype call. However, its quality is not the best. Also, you can install recording software for Skype calls. Once you do, start recording when starting your Skype call. Lastly, purchase a digital recorder to record your Skype calls.

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