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How To Insert a Photo Into a Facebook Comment

How To Insert A Photo Into A Facebook Comment

In 2013, Facebook announced it had finally implemented a long-overdue feature that lets its users comment on posts using a photo. However, until now, not all Facebook users know how to insert a photo into a comment.

Quick Answer

Thankfully, inserting a photo into a comment is relatively simple. If you are using the Facebook mobile app, open the post you want to comment on -> click the Camera icon on the right side of the comment box -> take a photo or choose one from your gallery and upload it -> click Post.

If you’re accessing Facebook on a browser, click on the post you want to leave a comment on, tap the camera icon, select the photo, and click on Post.

You will notice that the process of successfully adding a photo as a comment is entirely dependent on the platform you are using to access Facebook.

This article contains several methods on how you can insert a photo into a Facebook comment.

How To Post a Video or Photo in a Comment via the Facebook Website

If you are accessing Facebook’s official website via PC or phone and you want to add a photo or video to comment, follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm that you have the image you want to add to your file explorer. Especially if you are using a PC.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. Scroll to the post you want to add a comment on.
  4. Click on Comment at the bottom of the post.
  5. Tap the Camera icon located on the right side of the comment text.
  6. A prompt will appear asking you to choose between Take a photo or Photo library. Click on the option you prefer.
  7. If you choose the Photo library, your browser will direct you to your file explorer, where you can select a photo. Alternatively, if you decide to take a picture, your phone’s camera will open and allow you to take a photo.
  8. After selecting the desired photo or video, you can either add text to accompany the image or choose not to.
  9. Click Post.

How To Post a Video or Photo in a Comment via the Facebook App

Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, the steps below should guide you on how to insert a photo into a comment on the Facebook app.

  1. Open the Facebook app and log in if you haven’t already.
  2. Scroll and tap on the post you want to comment on.
  3. Tap on Comment, located at the bottom of the post.
  4. Click on the Camera icon on the right of the comment box.
  5. Choose between the two options: Take a photo or Choose a photo from the photo library.
  6. Please select the desired photo and wait for it to upload.
  7. Click Post or blue arrow icon.

How To Troubleshoot if Facebook Won’t Allow You To Insert Photos Into Comments

The Facebook feature that allows you to add images to photos is time-saving. However, assuming you can’t access the feature or keep getting the ‘Upload failed, please try again’ error message, here are a few ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Change the Photo Format

Facebook supports images in the following formats, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. So, if your photo is in a different format than those mentioned, you will need to convert it before uploading.

Additionally, ensure the photo is below 15MB. Assuming the picture has been heavily processed and can’t be uploaded, try uploading the original versions as some editing apps bump up the size of your images.

Update Your Facebook App/Browser Plugin

If you cannot insert a photo into a Facebook comment, chances are either your app version has bugs or is outdated. Either way, update your app or download the latest version of Facebook.

Technical Issues

The Facebook app can sometimes experience technical issues or be under scheduled maintenance, rendering most of its features unavailable. You can either give the app a few minutes before you try to insert a photo into a Facebook comment or use the website version and see if it’s working.

Unstable Internet Connection

If you can send text comments, but images are not uploading, your internet connection might be the issue. Uploading photos require faster internet speed compared to texts. For that reason, either switch to mobile data or move close to the router.


After reading and mastering the above guide, inserting a photo into a Facebook comment should not be an issue. If you’re unable to do so, then the troubleshooting solutions should be able to sort your problem. However, contact Facebook support for additional guidance if you still can’t insert a photo into a Facebook comment.

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