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How To Date on Instagram?

How To Date On Instagram

You cannot deny that Instagram is now an unofficial dating app; in fact, it is better than Tinder, Bumble, or other dating platforms.

If you hear stories of people on how they found their love, most of them found each other through Instagram by sliding into each other’s DMs.

When you share your visuals on Instagram, you essentially share your life with everyone who might get interested. So, if you are tired of living a lonely single life and are trying your luck everywhere, give Instagram a chance.

Instagram is better than any other dating platform as it gives you a deeper look into a person’s life than others. Similarly, it can trap the right one in your web if you use it strategically.

The key is persistence and keeping it casual. Want to know how to date on Instagram?

Quick Answer

Make sure your Instagram profile is public so others can flock to your profile to see what you have in common. Then say out loud that you are single via hashtags or mention it in your bio. Search for single people near you through hashtags search.

Make sure to follow your crush and engage with their content. Your content should reflect the fascinating side of your personality. You can also thirst-trap people with your content. Lastly, if everything goes well, slide into the DMs of the object of your desire, and ask them out.

We are giving you all the tricks to find a perfect date for yourself on Instagram. We have gathered this information from extensive research, dating coaches’ interviews, and the stories shared by people. So, sit back, and keep reading this article!

Everything About Finding a Date on Instagram

Let me ask you one thing, do you use any dating platforms? How successful have you been in your dates from Tinder or Bumble?

Chances are your dates never turned out as good as you anticipated. It is because what you see on dating sites is not what you get in real life.

Before losing all hope, try using Instagram to find your date. Yes, you heard me right! Today many people find Instagram more effective for dating and finding their potential partner than dating sites.

I remember actress Priyanka Chopra was asked by Ellen on her show how she found her husband, Nick Jonas. She replied that he slid into her DMs.

Even celebrities are finding their significant others on Instagram; it’s time for you to up your Gram game to find a perfect date.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you find a date on Instagram.

Tip #1: Make Your Profile Public

You have lived your entire life in your shell, hidden from public eyes; even your Instagram profile is private. It is time to make it public for people to search for you (hashtag search) and learn more about you. 

If you have a private profile, nobody would know anything about you, as they can tell nothing from your little profile picture. The chances of them going to the next profile on their radar will be higher if they get nothing from you.

If you have someone on your radar, any crush on Instagram, then be bold enough to send them a request to follow. Keep your profile open to get them to see your profile and get a follow back from them.


If you have a public profile on Instagram, you are most likely to attract creeps too. The good news is that you can block such creeps easily.

Tip #2: Let People Know You Are Single

It is imperative to let people know that you are single. You can state in your bio that you are single or use hashtags like #single, #singlelife, or #singlelifeproblems, etc.

It sends a loud and clear message to the people to check you out as you are currently on the hunt.

Do not overuse this hashtag that might seem a little desperate. Use it enough to let people know that you are looking for love.

Once you have found a few riveting people, follow them, and hope they follow you back.

If you have some cozy pictures with your friends that can give someone the impression that they are your lovers, then explain with your hashtags or captions that they are your friends and nothing else.

Pro Tip #1

You can use the “#single” hashtag to search for single people on Instagram and follow them. Similarly, you can customize your search based on your location with hashtags like “#singleinNewYork,” which will show results of openly single people near you in New York.

Tip #3: Get Their Attention

Once you have followed someone, try to grab their attention. Make sure to like their content, but do not do it excessively to appear desperate or needy.

Like their content in moderation. If they post tons of posts in a day, then you do not have to like all these posts. 

Then, start commenting on their pictures. You do not have to leave comments on all of their posts. While commenting, keep your thirst to a minimum.

Avoid singing their praises and glorifying them with your comments. Keep it casual and generic.

Pro Tip #2

Find the post in their profile with less engagement, and engage there to get noticed. 

Stop pursuing any profile where the other person does not show interest by not following you back or replying to your comment. Remember, there are other fishes in the pool, so stop wasting your energy on one fish.

Tip #4: Play Around With Your Content

Make sure your content speaks volumes. Your Stories and Posts show how much of a fun-loving person you are. Your content should reflect your true personality to attract the right people.

Nobody likes exaggeration. Make sure you limit the use of filters. The point is you do not want the person to be disappointed upon meeting you in real life.

Occasionally, you can also try a thirst trap. A thirst trap does not have to be something extra or explicit, as a simple selfie can do wonders. 

Trap people on your web with cute yet harmless visuals, and urge them through the power of your looks. Your thirst trap can let people follow you and eventually slide into your DMs.


Your thirst trap might also attract creeps, even harassers your way, so beware!

Tip #5: Slide Into DMs

When Instagram rolled out the DMs feature, it did not even know what a powerful tool it was introducing. This feature has become a powerful tool for businesses. In the dating world, DMs also possess a special place. 

Try to stand out from the crowd your object of affection has in their Inbox. The rapport you built above will come in handy to make you stand out of the crowd.

If you have mutual friends, then it gives a reasonable reason to start your conversation. Plus, it will make you more credible and not an online stalker. 

Keep the conversation casual, and do not sound desperate. If things keep going well, you can casually ask them for their number and meet them in the real world.

The Bottom Line

Instagram gives all its users the best opportunity to find someone interesting and potentially make their way into finally dating them. 

Try out our tips and tricks to find the perfect partner for yourself. 

Be sure to keep a few people on your radar and exert your efforts toward them. If you do not get desired results, do not lose hope.

Remember to stop wasting your efforts on someone who does not respond to you as you want. Life is too short to be wasted on someone not interested in you. 

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