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How To Cancel Instagram Upload

How To Cancel Instagram Upload

If you are uploading something on Instagram and notice you are uploading the wrong thing, you can easily cancel the upload.

It could be a private picture, and you accidentally click the upload button or some video that shouldn’t be uploaded. Also, your upload may freeze, and you have no option but to cancel it.

Quick Answer

Start by turning off your mobile data or Wi-Fi to cancel an Instagram upload. If that doesn’t work, try turning on airplane mode and discarding the upload. Lastly, clear your Instagram cache, which will remove the upload contained in the cache. With these three ways, you should easily cancel your Instagram upload.

Today’s guide presents three ways of canceling your Instagram upload. We will discuss circumstances where you must cancel your Instagram upload and what happens when you cancel an upload. That being said, let’s get started.

Why Cancel an Instagram Upload?

There are various reasons why you may decide to cancel your Instagram uploads.

It could be you were posting something, and your Instagram froze. If that happens, your uploads will get stuck, and you will need to cancel them.

Also, if you exceed the limit of uploading your videos, the videos will get stuck.

On the other hand, it could be you’ve clicked the upload button accidentally, and the video or picture you are trying to upload is against your will. You can choose to cancel it.

How To Cancel an Instagram Upload

There are various ways you can prevent a post from sending on Instagram. Even though the methods are not guaranteed to work, you may be successful, especially if you have a weak internet connection.

Method #1: Turn on Airplane Mode

With airplane mode enabled, your phone won’t transmit any packets, including Instagram posts. By disabling the network connections, you can then attempt to discard the post that nearly got uploaded.

Follow the steps below to enable airplane mode:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone. Settings App
  2. Click the “Other Network and Connection” option. Click The Other Network And Connection Option.
  3. You will see the airplane mode button. You Will See The Airplane Mode Button.
  4. Click on it to turn it on. Click To Turn On Airplane Mode
  5. Alternatively, swipe down your phone’s screen and click the airplane icon to turn on airplane mode. Turn Airplane Mode On And Off
  6. With airplane mode enabled, open your Instagram account. Instagram App Icon
  7. You will see a notification on your home screen, “will automatically post when possible”. Notification Will Automatically Post When Possible.
  8. Click the three dots on its right. Click The Three Dots On Its Right.
  9. A menu will appear with three options. Click the “Discard post” option. Click The Discard Post Option.

Your post will not upload even when you turn off the airplane mode.

Method #2: Turn off Mobile Data or Wi-Fi

If airplane mode didn’t work for you, try disabling the network connection on your phone.

Let’s start by turning off mobile data using the steps below:

  1. Swipe down your phone’s screen.
  2. Click the “Mobile Data/Data Connection” button. Check Your Mobile Data Internet

Follow the steps below to turn off Wi-Fi:

  1. Open your settings. Settings App
  2. Locate and click the Wi-Fi button to turn it off. Click The Wi-Fi Button

With your Mobile data or Wi-Fi turned off, open your Instagram account. You will note a notification on your home screen, “will automatically post when possible.” Click the three dots on its right and click the “Discard post” from the menu options.

Method #3: Clear Your Instagram’s Cache

Cache stores all the data of your Instagram account, including the stuck upload or pending uploads. Therefore, if you clear the cache, Instagram won’t proceed to upload your picture or video.

To clear your Instagram cache, do the following:

  1. Open the settings app on your phone. Settings App
  2. Click the “Apps” option. Settings Applications Mobile
  3. Click the “Manage Apps” or “App Info” button. App Manager Android
  4. Locate and click on Instagram from the list. Choose Instagram Mobile Settings
  5. Click on “Storage” and click the “Clear cache” option. Clear Data And Cache Instagram

With the cache cleared, you’ve canceled the Instagram upload.

What Happens After Canceling an Instagram Upload?

When you cancel an Instagram upload, it won’t get sent if it was a video or picture.

Besides, the person on the other end won’t know that you’ve discarded the upload. However, if your network connection is strong, you may not be lucky in canceling your upload.

If it was an Instagram story, you could still delete it after uploading.


Instagram is an excellent platform for connecting with friends and sharing Instagram Stories for your audience to view.

If your post hangs or you accidentally choose the wrong picture or video, you have the option to cancel the upload.

This guide introduced three methods for a quick and easy canceling of your Instagram post. Try them out.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I cancel my Instagram upload?

Try enabling airplane mode or disabling your mobile data or Wi-Fi to cancel your Instagram upload. Similarly, clearing your Instagram cache will help to prevent your Instagram posts from uploading.

Why are my Instagram posts hanging?

Most Instagram uploads get stuck when you have a poor network connection. Besides, if you try to post something past the allowed limit in size, it will get struck. If that happens, refer to the three methods covered in this article to cancel the post from uploading and choose a different post to upload.

How do I ensure my Instagram posts don’t get stuck?

The obvious way is to ensure you are using a fast network. Also, avoid sending posts that exceed the maximum allowed limit of posts.

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