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How To Blackout Text on Reddit

How To Blackout Text On Reddit

Reddit has offered users various ways of formatting posts before they post them on the platform. One of the convenient formatting features on Reddit is the spoilers. The spoilers allow users to hide or blackout some text or images, preventing users from accessing such information unless they click on it. Read this guide if you don’t know how to blackout a text or image on Reddit!

Quick Answer

Reddit users can quickly blackout texts using the Spoiler button on a desktop or the Markdown mode. Reddit users can click on the Markdown mode, then type in >! at the beginning and !< at the end of the text to black out. Moreover, if you are using an Android or iOS mobile device, continue reading the post o discover how to blackout a text.

This guide has explained what it means to blackout a text on Reddit and the various methods of blacking out a text or image on Reddit using a desktop or mobile device. Let’s get started!

What Does It Mean to Blackout on Reddit?

When a Reddit user blackout a text, it will not be shown to other users. The blackout is achieved by using a Spoiler. However, it will be shown if a Reddit user clicks on that text. Therefore, the text remains hidden until someone clicks on it.

When Reddit Moderators perform a blackout on posts, the posts are kept private, and they can disappear from the search feed given enough time. Blacked-out posts are kept private, meaning nobody will access them.

How To Blackout Text on Reddit

Reddit allows its users to blackout a text using spoilers. You can achieve this in two ways when using a computer to access Reddit. Moreover, you can also blackout a text on Reddit from your iOS or Android device, as explained below.

How To Blackout a Text Using a Computer

If you are accessing Reddit through a desktop, you can blackout text in two ways.

  1. Use the Spoiler Button.
  2. Open Reddit on your computer.
  3. Write the text you wish to post on Reddit comments.
  4. Highlight the section of the text you wish to blackout.
  5. Tap on the Spoiler icon. An exclamation mark-shaped character represents the spoiler icon.
  6. Use the Markdown Mode.

The Markdown mode is another way to blackout a text on Reddit from a desktop.

  1. Open Reddit on a desktop.
  2. Click on Markdown mode next to the Comment option.
  3. Type the >! Character at the beginning of a text you wish to blackout and !< at the end.
  4. Tap on the Comment option.
  5. Your comment will be posted on Reddit, but the text within the characters will be hidden.

How To blackout Text on Android or iOS

Reddit allows users to blackout a text on the Reddit mobile application using the Markdown mode alone. To achieve that:

  1. Launch the Redditt application.
  2. Once you write your text, enter >! at the beginning of the section to be blacked out and !< at the end.
  3. Press on the Post button.

The text between the characters will be blacked out when you post your text on Reddit.

How To Blackout Images on Reddit

If you want to blackout an image on Reddit, you can achieve that, as explained below.

Blackout Images on Smartphones

Reddit allows its users to blackout an image and any other type of post, as explained below.

  1. Launch the Reddit application.
  2. Tap the addition icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the type of post you want to blackout. Choose the image option in this case.
  4. Give your post a title and import the image.
  5. Before your tap the post button, press the Spoiler button. An exclamation mark indicates it.
  6. Enter the spoiler tags >! and !<, then click on the post button.

Blackout Images on Computer

When you wish to add images to your Reddit posts, you can blackout them like any other post.

  1. Upload an image to your profile.
  2. Tap on the Mark as spoiler option below your image post.
  3. Click on a post when done.

Your image will be blacked out and hidden unless someone taps on it. Moreover, if you wish to blackout any kind of post, the steps are the same as for images on a desktop.


Reddit has enabled its users to post comments and other posts in their desired format. If you wish to blackout a text on Reddit, this guide has explained how to achieve your aim on a desktop or the Reddit mobile application!

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