How Often Should You Post on YouTube?

How Often Should You Post On Youtube

Can I post YouTube videos too often or not often enough? This question is common among YouTube creators, especially those trying to grow their channels.

A posting schedule is one of the many aspects that determine your channel’s growth, and you should understand its implications.

Quick Answer

There is no one-size-fits-all schedule for uploading YouTube videos. Your posting schedule depends on your audience, content type, and availability. You may choose to post daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. What matters is consistency, content quality, and time availability. Other aspects that may impact your upload timetable include audience engagement, YouTube algorithm, and time sensitivity.

Learn how often to post on YouTube to grow your channel and remain relevant on this article.

Overview of How Often You Should Post on YouTube

When you analyze some YouTube channels that are doing well, you’ll see some with outrageous posting schedules.

Some will post more than three videos daily and get views decently. On the other hand, some creators will go for a month or two without posting, but the moment they post, their videos will garner millions of views.

From the two instances, it’s clear that there is no one-size-fits-all uploading schedule. Does that mean you should post your videos randomly? Not really.

Let’s examine the factors influencing how often you should post on YouTube below.

How Often Should You Post on YouTube?

Every YouTube channel has a unique posting schedule, depending on various factors.

These factors include the audience’s watching habits, content type, and creator’s availability. Additionally, you should customize your posting frequency through experimentation and what works for you.

Below are the factors to consider when creating your YouTube posting schedule.

Your Audience

Your audience and their watching habits highly influence your YouTube posting schedule. To understand this, you must familiarize yourself with the YouTube metric that tells you when your viewers are online.

Depending on your niche and content, your audience may be online every day at 5 p.m., on Sunday afternoons, or Saturday mornings. Tailor your posting frequency to suit when your audience is online.

Type of Content

Another aspect that determines your posting timetable is the content you produce. Some content is easy to produce and edit, while other requires intensive research, verification, and editing.

For example, creating a chill music playlist may take a few hours, allowing you to post a new video daily. On the other hand, posting daily is impossible if your content takes days to research, record, and edit.

Work-Life Balance

Many creators create videos as a side hustle and must attend to other office or home tasks. If you are one such creator, you can only create as much content as your availability allows.

Your posting frequency will depend on the availability of new content. Besides, even a full-time creator needs a work-life balance to spend time with friends or go on vacations.

Channel Status

One of the driving factors for channel growth is frequent posting. New channels excite the YouTube algorithm because it sees them as outlets to churn out more content for their customers.

As a new channel, you should post more often to raise brand awareness, increase visibility, and gain subscribers. Depending on your availability and content type, you can post daily, thrice a week, or every weekend.

Time Sensitivity

Time-sensitive content is relevant for a short time, during which the audience is actively looking for such content. If time-sensitive content relevant to your niche is available, you might need to create the content and post it outside your uploading schedule.

Suppose you have a channel that unboxes tech gadgets, uploading new videos every month. Suppose Apple releases a new iPhone model in the middle of the month.

In that case, you’d need to create an unboxing video to take advantage of the many users searching for the new iPhone unboxing videos.

Bottom Line

There is no set rule regarding how often you should post on YouTube. However, this doesn’t mean you should post videos randomly.

Find a posting schedule that works for your channel and stick to it. You may need to experiment with several videos before you find the one suited for you. What matters is the consistency after finding your frequency.

Wrapping Up

Every channel’s posting schedule differs based on content type, audience, and availability. Experiment with your videos to find a frequency that works for your channel. Once you settle for a posting schedule, be consistent.

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