How Much Do Discord Admins Make?

How Much Do Discord Admins Make

Discord has over 150 million monthly users making it an ideal social platform to monetize. If you’re a Discord user and have a server you think could earn you money, it’s crucial to know what other admins make so you can price your services fairly. Admins can earn money through their servers in various ways.

Examples include membership subscriptions, exclusive features, sponsorships, trading bots, and more. Discord earnings can also come from donations from members, marketing, and other sources.

Quick Answer

Discord admins have no standard income as it depends on their niche, level of expertise in their field, sources of income, and other variables. For example, if a person is an admin of a gaming server with over 20,000 members and is considered an expert in their field, they will likely charge more for collaborations and marketing. This means they make more money than a server admin with fewer members and less expertise in that field.

Read on to learn more about sources of income for Discord admins and how to price your services to ensure you make more income.

Overview of How Much Discord Admins Make

There are several ways admins earn on Discord, depending on their niche. As noted earlier, how much admins earn depends on various factors, including their charges and the popularity of their servers.

One of the ways admins make money on Discord is through member subscriptions. If you have an exclusive server in a highly coveted niche that offers valuable features and information to members, you can set up a joining fee.

How much the admin makes from a subscription system depends on the average number of members joining per month. If the server is already popular with more than 30,000 members, the admin has likely engaged several moderators to help run the server.

Usually, a moderator can earn between $10 and $40 per hour, depending on the server’s cash flow and total earnings. The admin of this server will subtract the wages of the moderators and keep the rest.

Another way Discord admins earn is through sponsorships. Highly visible servers in top niches on Discord, like gaming, tech, and crypto, attract brand sponsorships. For example, an admin of a gaming server can receive a sponsorship to stream several videos a week for a specific game.

Income from sponsorships depends on several factors. Examples are the contract’s longevity, the number of viewers per stream, and the admin’s negotiation.

Another way admins make money on Discord is through consultation. As you know, Discord uses a community-based system where like-minded individuals form a group to share information.

Some communities comprise individuals who are experts in their respective fields. Top Discord communities include gaming, tech, art, and music.

Admins who are experts in their fields set up consultation gigs through their servers. The level of income from consultation depends on the type and number of clients and the server’s level of visibility.

How To Start Earning as a Discord Admin

If you just set up a Discord server and want to start earning income, there are a few things to remember:

Grow Your Audience

The most crucial factor in earning as a Discord admin is to grow your server membership. Most income-generating activities from collaborations, sponsorships, and marketing depend on your server’s visibility.

The more members you have, the more income you can earn because you have a large target audience. There are several ways to grow your server.

These include hosting events, listing your server on Discord boards, engaging with your audience, and collaborating with servers in your niche.

Be Relevant and Up To Date

For you to earn through your server, you have to provide value. Value could be derived from consultation and expertise in a specific field. If you’re an admin of a tech server, keep learning about your area to provide valuable insight to your members.

Eventually, you can seek collaborations and sponsorship from tech companies to market their services or products to your audience. You will also have acquired enough knowledge to consult on tech matters from individuals or companies.


As we’ve established from this post, what admins make on Discord depends on their niche and income-generating activities. Usually, admins of highly visible servers with thousands of members will make more money than relatively new servers.

Some servers also attract sponsorships and collaborations from companies in their niche, meaning they make more than others.

If you want to start earning from your server, ensure you increase member numbers and learn more about your niche to become an expert in your field.

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