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Why Is My Follower Count Wrong on Instagram?

Wrong Instagram Follower Count

Have you ever found yourself admiring your follower count, only to click on your Instagram profile one day and see that your follower count is wrong? If you like to be up to date with your follower count, it can be annoying to see this happen.

You think you’ve done something to provoke that problem, but you’re far from wrong. Because the truth is – Instagram has been known for these issues before!

Not satisfied with the answer? Keep reading to learn the three main reasons, your follower count is wrong on Instagram.

Reason #1: Your Followers Have Deleted Their Instagram Accounts

One of the reasons your Instagram follower count might be wrong is that your followers have deleted their accounts, or Instagram has closed their accounts.

Your Followers Requested Their Accounts To Be Deleted

Instagram always gives you the option to take a break by deactivating your account or deleting it altogether. When you hit “delete,” the app gives you 30 days as a “waiting period” from that point before it’s permanently deleted.

This could be one of the reasons your follower count isn’t accurate.

Instagram Deleted Their Account For Breaching Terms of Use

Instagram’s Terms of Use is the guide you need to follow if you want to avoid losing access to your account.

So, in this case, it looks like one or a few of your followers have breached their terms. And like above, the account stays hidden for 30 days before it’s wiped from the face of the app and your follower amount has been updated.

Reason #2: You’ve Had a Boost In Instagram Followers Recently

This could be the likely cause of your follower count issue, and we have a few solutions for it too.

If you got a boost in following over the last few days, then Instagram takes a bit of time to update your account with your true follower amount, usually in a few minutes.

But if you find it’s been more than 20-minutes and the issue still persists, we suggest using Webstagram to get a deeper look into the public data of your account:

Webstagram Statistics

Reason #3: It’s an Instagram Issue

The last and most likely reason for your issue is that Instagram is having some technical issues, like a problem with their service or a bug in their programming that they’ve yet to fix.

This has happened before, and they’re good at making public announcements about the issue. This is great because it helps stop other users from worrying about the same problem!

So, again, this is nothing to worry about, as you can’t do anything but wait until it’s fixed.


Instagram is a beautiful app for sharing entertaining content with your friends. But like a lot of digital products out there, what comes with beauty often comes with bugs.

There are three main reasons why it happens, and we’ve discovered them each:

  1. Your followers have deleted their accounts, or Instagram forced them to.
  2. You had a nice boost in following recently.
  3. It’s just an issue with the app that will soon be resolved.

If you ever get the same wrong follower count issue, we suggest you save this article and come back to it to refresh yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my Instagram accounts have two different follower amounts?

If you have two accounts and one of them shows a different following amount, then there are two reasons here. Either someone they follow has blocked you, or Instagram is still waiting to update your follower count.

Does the wrong follower count mean I’m losing followers?

Not necessarily. It could be any one of the reasons above, and it most likely is. We suggest you give it time for the app to update its service to reflect your true following amount.

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