What Is Discord App Written In?

What Is Discord App Written In

Discord is one of the most interesting social platforms.

It lets you chat with friends via text, audio, and video, stream gaming competitions, listen to music, and share media files.

Its interface is eye-catching and responsive. Moreover, the app is supported on various devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Besides compatibility with multiple devices, Discord comes in various apps. There is a desktop app, a web version, and a mobile version for Android and iOS devices.

All these exciting features beg the question, ‘What is Discord app written in?’

Quick Answer

Discord is written in five main programming languages: Javascript (React), Python, C++, Elixir, and Rust. The various programming languages and libraries serve unique purposes. These purposes include making the app responsive, building the desktop app, Android and iOS apps, optimizing the servers and client side, and designing the platform’s front and back end.

This post examines the programming languages that the Discord app is written in.

What Is Discord App Written In?

Programming languages are systems used for writing computer programs, including websites and applications.

The Discord app is written in five main programming languages. These languages dictate the app’s responsiveness, latency, user interface appeal, back-end, and front-end.

The five languages include the following:

  • JavaScript (React)
  • Python
  • C++
  • Elixir
  • Rust

Let’s look at each programming language, its features, and what it is used for.

JavaScript (React)

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that is a core part of the World Wide Web, alongside CSS and HTML.

While it’s commonly used to develop web pages, it is also used to create web applications, games, and more.

Discord uses two JavaScript-based open-source libraries, mainly React.js and, to some extent, Electron.js.

Features of JavaScript

Below are the top features of JavaScript:

  • Object-oriented computer programming language
  • Lightweight scripting language for assisting programming languages
  • Uses prototypes instead of classes
  • Platform-independent scripting language

What JavaScript Is Used For

JavaScript can be combined with React to provide interactive and appealing web and mobile applications.

Moreover, several apps also use the React library to create a front end, including Facebook and Netflix.


Python is a general-purpose computer programming language best used to build software and websites, conduct data analytics and automate tasks.

Discord uses this language to create harmony between the app’s front-end, back-end, and other objects. It is also simple for beginners to get started in the programming sector.

Features of Python

Here are the top features of Python:

  • Open-source programming language
  • Easy to code, making it perfect for novices
  • Object and procedure-oriented language
  • Easy to read and interpret

What Python Is Used For

Python is used to build websites and software, analyze data, and develop machine learning models.


C++ is a mid-level programming language that is simple, object-oriented, and with a rich library. Discord uses C++ alongside Rust to program its back-end interface.

Both languages play a critical role in the front-end and back-end of the application, including fetching data from one end and delivering it to the other.

Features of C++

Below are the top highlights of C++:

  • A structured programming language
  • Object-oriented
  • Uses abstract data types
  • Extensible

What C++ Is Used For

C++ is a general-purpose language best for developing software, in-game programs, operating systems, browsers, applications, and data structures.


Rust is a high-level programming language that optimizes performance, safety, and memory.

Discord uses Rust on the video encoding pipeline for the client side and quick memory freeing for optimum app speeds.

Features of Rust

Below are the top Rust features:

  • Excellent memory safety
  • Zero-cost abstraction
  • Safe concurrency
  • Efficient C bindings, making it perfect for combining with the C language

What Rust Is Used For

Due to its high-level nature, Rust is used for writing operating systems, browsers, gaming engines, and applications that require scalability.


Last but not least is Elixir, a high-level programming language used to build apps that demand scalability and maintainability.

Discord employs Elixir to build its real-time infrastructure systems, ensuring seamless communication between users via video, audio, and text.

Features of Elixir

Here are the top features of Elixir:

  • Simple and tidy syntax
  • Scalable
  • Functional language
  • Concurrency

What Elixir Is Used For

Elixir is an excellent programming language used for developing fault-tolerant and maintainable applications.

It is widely used in the finance, telecommunications, and eCommerce industries.

Winding Up

Discord app is written in five main programming languages.

These languages include JavaScript, Python, Elixir, C++, and Rust.

What do you think about Discord’s programming languages?

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