What Is a Ring ID on Discord?

What Is A Ring Id On Discord

When on Discord, you might have heard of the ring ID or seen a member saying they have a ring ID with another member of a given server. There are plenty of features that you can use on Discord, and various bots come with unique features.

For instance, the ring ID is attributed to a particular Discord bot, and you can quickly get confused if you don’t know anything about the bot and what ring ID means.

Quick Answer

When using the OwO bot, a user can marry another by purchasing a ring from the shop. Once one person purchases a ring, they can use the ring’s ID to propose to the other player. So, the ring ID acts as the unique identifier of a ring, which is used to formalize a proposal and, eventually, the marriage between two players. The other player can then accept or decline the proposal using various commands.

In this guide, we will discuss the OwO bot and how players use it on Discord. Next, we will understand what a ring ID on Discord is and what it implies. So, let’s get started.

What Is the OwO Discord Bot?

OwO is a popular Discord bot created by Scuttler#0001. The bot offers different commands that spice your experience on Discord by allowing users to hunt down animals, sell them, battle against each other, etc. You can invite the OwO bot to your server and begin enjoying gaming with other players.

The primary objective of the OwO bot is to allow players to hunt animals and fight each other while hunting. The bot offers various commands, including action, fun, emoji, utility economy, cool animal, and gambling.

What Is a Ring ID on Discord?

You can team up with another player when utilizing the OwO bot for your gaming activities. To team up, you must marry the other player. That way, you can receive Lootbox or Weapon Crate to enhance your gaming. Furthermore, you will get Cowoncy daily rewards. These double-daily rewards only work when you claim the daily rewards simultaneously on the same day.

OwO has a shop where players can buy rings. Each ring has a unique ID, the ring ID. The ring ID is what you use to specify the ring that you want to buy. For instance, if the ring has an ID of 102, you would buy it using the command: owo buy 102. OwO offers seven rings. Each ring costs differently, and it all depends on your preference.

Once someone purchases a ring, they can propose to the other player using the command: owo marry @username {ring ID}. Once the ring is used for marriage, it can’t be reused. Someone can then accept the proposal using the command: owo am or run the command owo dm to reject the proposal.

Players can also divorce, destroying the ring used for the marriage. All the commands are available on the OwO site, and you can run them to enjoy the fun of using the OwO bot.


The ring ID on Discord refers to the unique identifier of the rings in the OwO shop. The OwO bots allow players to marry, and they can purchase a ring from the shop and use the ring’s ID to propose. The other player can accept or reject the proposal.

Marriage in OwO offers various benefits, such as an increase in the daily rewards provided both players seek them at the same say. We’ve covered all details about OwO and ring ID in this article.

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