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How to Unhide Posts on Instagram


Instagram is a photo-sharing application where you can capture photos, edit them, and share them with your friends and family. Sometimes, we take a picture and upload it to Instagram without giving it much thought, only later to realize that we need to hide them. One way to do that is to delete the post, but the downside is that we’ll lose all the likes and comments.

Quick Answer

Thanks to Instagram Archives, Instagram lets you hide a post and then unhide it. With this world-class feature, you don’t need to worry about deleting your posts and losing all the likes and comments. You can hide them from public viewing and unhide the posts again.

This article will talk about how the Instagram archives feature works and how you can hide and unhide your posts on Instagram without deleting and losing all the likes and comments.

Hiding Your Instagram Posts in Archives

Hiding your posts in Instagram Archives will let you restore the posts in the future. You won’t have to permanently delete the posts only because you don’t want stalkers to see some sensitive photos.

To archive your posts on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Go to your Profile by clicking your profile picture (bottom right corner).
Go To Your Profile
  1. Scroll down to the post you want to hide, and click on it.
  2. Click on three dots (upper right corner of the post).
  1. Find Archive, and click on it (your post will be hidden from your profile and saved in the archive).

You can easily hide your Instagram posts for some time if you don’t want to delete them permanently. This way, the posts will not be deleted, they will only be hidden, and you can unhide them too, in the future.

Unhide Your Instagram Posts from Archives

Once you hide your posts in Instagram Archive, you can unhide the same post with the same amount of likes and comments. When a post or photo is in Archives, it’s only hidden from the public; it is not deleted.

Unhiding hidden posts from Archives is as easy as hiding them. You just have to follow these set of instructions, and you’re good to go:

  1. Open the Instagram app and log in if you have not already.
  2. Click on your profile picture (bottom right corner).
  3. After that, click on three parallel lines (top right corner).
Three Parallel Lines
  1. Right below Settings, Click on Archive.
Click On Archive
  1. Likely, you’ll first see the Stories archive. Click on Stories Archive and select Posts archive.
  2. You’ll see all the posts you’ve hidden in the archive. Click on the post you want to unhide.
  3. Click on three dots (upper right corner of the post), and select Show on Profile.
Show On Profile

You’ll notice that the post is no more in the Stories archive, which means that the post is now unhidden and showing on your Instagram profile.

Save Your Stories With Instagram Archive

The Instagram Archive feature came out in 2017. Apart from hiding and unhiding posts on Instagram, you can also save your Instagram Stories in archives. As you all know, Instagram stories are deleted after 24 hours of uploading them.

However, there is a way you can save and restore your Instagram stories even after 24 hours have passed. This is made possible by the Archive feature by Instagram. You can enable this feature in Settings and all your future posts will be archived. So, you can restore your stories even after Instagram deletes them after 24 hours.

To enable archive for stories, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Click on your profile picture (bottom right corner).
  3. Click on three parallel lines (upper right corner), and choose Settings.
Choose Settings
  1. Go to Privacy, scroll down, and click on Story.
  2. Scroll down and enable Save story to archive.
Save Story To Archive

After you enable this feature, all your future stories will be saved in archives.

Moreover, you can hide as many posts as you want as there is no limit. Also, you can unhide as many posts as you want without any restrictions. You can also hide your Instagram posts in the archive without deleting them permanently.


No one can see your archived stories except you. Additionally, if you delete a story before 24 hours, it will be permanently deleted and won’t be restored from archives.


Before 2017 it wasn’t possible to hide or unhide your Instagram posts, but they made it possible through a feature called Archive. You can now easily hide and unhide your Instagram posts, stories, and live streams using this feature.

Once you archive a Live Broadcast, it is deleted from the archive after 30 days. Though, it only applies to Live Broadcasts; Posts and Stories are stored permanently unless you delete them.

We’ve explained how you can hide your Instagram posts without deleting them and unhide the posts from the archive. We’ve also explained how to save stories in the archive even after being deleted from Instagram after 24 hours.

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