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How To See Comments on Twitter

How To See Comments On Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social networks globally, with over 400 million active users.

Unlike other platforms, people find it challenging to navigate Twitter’s user interface to access comments.

The home feed doesn’t provide a straightforward approach to viewing comments. You only get four options under a tweet; like, share, retweet, and reply.

Most people click on reply to see comments on Twitter. But that option only allows you to write a comment, not read what others are saying.

So, how do you view comments on Twitter?

Quick Answer

Seeing other people’s comments on Twitter is easy on every platform. All you have to do is click on the content part of the tweet (on the text). Be careful not to click on the username, hashtag, or any link within the tweet. Now you can scroll through the page to view replies that users have made under that tweet.

We wrote this article to show you how you can quickly see comments on Twitter.

How To See Twitter Comments

You can follow the same process to view comments on Twitter regardless of the device or the browser you’re using.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to see Twitter comments:

  1. Open Twitter on your device of choice and log in.Open Twitter App
  2. Tap on the text part of the tweet. Remember to click on the text and avoid the username, hashtags, and links within the tweet.Click On The Text Part Of The Tweet
  3. Scroll through the page to view all replies posted by users.Scroll Down To View All Replies

If a tweet has so many comments, you won’t see all of them. You’ll need to scroll down to see them all; sometimes, it might take time to load the new bunch, as Twitter uses infinite scroll for replies.

Good To Know

Twitter sorts comments in order of popularity. So the replies with the highest activity will show up first.

Reasons Why You Can’t See Comments on Twitter

There are a few reasons why you can’t view comments on Twitter. Sometimes, it depends on the account’s settings. Here are four possible reasons you can’t see replies.

Reason #1: Private Account

If a person has a private Twitter account and you’re not their follower, you can’t see their comments.

You’ll need to follow the person to view their tweets and comments.

Reason #2: Blocked User

If you have blocked a person on Twitter, or they have blocked you, you can’t see each other’s comments.

Also, you can’t follow or contact them.

If someone has blocked you or vice versa, you must unblock each other to view comments.

Reason #3: Hidden Reply

You won’t see a reply in the home timeline if you have hidden a reply.

And if another person replies to it, you won’t see the comment.

If you want to see the hidden comment, you must unhide it.

Reason #4: Deleted Comment

Users can delete their replies anytime. In that case, you won’t see them.

If a person has deleted the reply, there’s nothing you can do to view it.

How To Unhide Comments on Twitter

One of the reasons you may not be seeing tweets is that you’ve hidden them.

Here’s how you can view hidden replies:

  1. Open the tweet which has the replies you want to see.Open The Tweet
  2. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the post.Tap On The Three Dots
  3. Tap on the “View Hidden Replies” option. All replies will become visible.Click On The View Hidden Replies Option

Note that you can only hide replies if you’re the tweet’s author. Also, other users can still see and reply to the hidden comments.

How To Read Tweets When You Don’t Have a Twitter Account

Twitter comments are visible to the public, provided the account you’re reading from isn’t private. For this reason, you don’t need to have a Twitter account to read tweets and comments.

You can search tweets using search engines and web browsers. But if you’re using a mobile app, you may need to sign in to view tweets.


You can’t reply or retweet unless you have a Twitter account.


Most people get frustrated in their attempts to locate Twitter comments due to its user interface’s unfriendly nature.

In this article, we have shown you how to avoid this frustration and easily see comments made on Twitter.

If you want to view comments on Twitter, click on the timestamp or the tweet itself.

If you don’t see comments, it could be that the account is private, you’re blocked, you’ve hidden the replies, or the user deleted it.

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