How To Make a Girl Think About You on WhatsApp?

How To Make A Girl Think About You On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular apps and with good reason. You can chat, share videos and photos, voice and video call, and even form groups.

Many people also enjoy WhatsApp’s convenience because you can tell when someone receives your message.

If you’ve met a girl you like, it’s sensible to impress her on WhatsApp because it’s likely the medium of communication she uses the most.

Additionally, the app allows you to do more than message her; you can send her voice note, funny pics, and video call her.

So, how can you make a girl think about you on WhatsApp?

Quick Answer

Making a girl think about you on WhatsApp can seem challenging initially. But doing specific things will help you get and retain her attention. An example of something you can do to get a girl thinking about you on WhatsApp is to show interest in her passion. When texting her, ask her questions demonstrating interest in her dreams, values, and hobbies. This way, she will be more receptive to texting back and eventually start thinking about you.

You’re not alone if you’re worried about making a girl think about you on WhatsApp. This post will highlight ways you can ensure you get maximum value from your WhatsApp conversations to get the attention of the girl you like.

Overview of Chatting With a Girl on WhatsApp

The first thing to remember when chatting with a girl on WhatsApp is that confidence is essential in getting a girl to think about you. Confidence communicates self-assurance, which is an attractive attribute.

Another factor to keep in mind is to avoid personal questions and topics before creating a rapport. People need to feel comfortable with the people they are chatting with before they can reveal meaningful things about themselves.

If you just started texting her on WhatsApp, your goal should be getting her to like you by being fun and easy to talk to.

Next, we’ll cover examples of what you can do to make a girl think about you on WhatsApp.

Tips to Make a Girl Think About You on WhatsApp

Here are a few tips to make a girl think about you on WhatsApp.

Tip #1: Ask About Her Interests

Showing interest in things she likes is the first way to make a girl think about you. Girls are naturally drawn to people who are curious about what they like.

Additionally, cultivating a conversation around her interests is another way to build attraction because she is incentivized to respond to your texts.

When a conversation is enjoyable, the girl will text you and even look forward to speaking more frequently.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Too Available

Another way to get a girl thinking about you is to be busy. Being busy doesn’t imply ignoring her texts. Instead, it’s having other activities to perform during the day, so you don’t concentrate on your texting pace.

Remember, interest is based on your engagement and building attraction. In the initial stages of texting, pace yourself, so you’re not overindulging in the conversation.

Being busy also helps you avoid piling up pressure on the girl. You can be relaxed and confident, which will show in how you text her.

Tip #3: Be Unique

Being unique doesn’t mean being inauthentic. Instead, it implies that you challenge yourself to be different from others texting her.

For example, instead of the usual back-and-forth texting, you can challenge her to Q&A quiz time at her convenience. Breaking the norm is an excellent way to show her that you are fun and get her thinking about you.

Another way to be unique is to be patient. When she fails to text back on time, be patient and wait until she’s free.

Avoid double-texting or pressuring her to text you back. Being laid-back and carefree shows confidence and gives the girl a chance to miss you and text you back.

Tip #4: Be Interesting But Know Your Boundaries

Being memorable to a girl on WhatsApp doesn’t require extra effort. You only need to lead with your best qualities.

For example, if you’re good at sports, music, arts, or other activities, create conversations around these topics and share pics and videos enjoying yourself.

Remember to avoid topics and language she might consider disrespectful.

Tip #5: Compliment Her

Every girl enjoys compliments. It’s the best way to show that you like her. The trick is to avoid being superficial. For example, try sharing a genuine compliment if she shares a pic.

You could say, ‘You have a beautiful smile.’ While complimenting her body is not wrong, it can imply ulterior motives, especially if you’ve not been conversing with her for long.

Instead, strive to show you that you are a genuine person with a solid character.

Tip #6: Learn How To Text

Many people overlook the benefits of learning how to text. But it’s a valuable skill that can maximize a girl’s attraction to you.

The first thing to remember about texting on WhatsApp is the timing. The best time to have a great conversation is when you are free to text. Meaning it’s best to engage with her after work or earlier at night.

Additionally, avoid double-texting or waiting by the phone because she has yet to respond on time. Remember, both parties must contribute equally for the conversation to be enjoyable.

If you are doing most of the heavy lifting in the conversation, the girl isn’t available to chat, or the conversation could be more engaging.

Finally, learn to conclude the conversation on a high note so she has something to look forward to.


Making a girl think about you on WhatsApp is relatively easy if you know what to do.

Examples of the best tricks to make a girl think about you include being interesting, showing genuine curiosity about her hobbies, and complimenting her.

Additionally, lead with your best qualities, practice patience, and learn when to text and how to conclude a conversation.

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