How To Donate on Twitch Mobile

How To Donate On Twitch Mobile

In July 2022, Twitch launched the Twitch Charity feature that allows streamers to receive donations through the platform.

Streamers could now collaborate with NGOs and other organizations to host charity broadcasts and receive donations from viewers without relying on third-party payment apps.

If you have a streamer running a charity cause you’d wish to donate to, you can do so via your Twitch mobile app.

Quick Answer

Launch your Twitch mobile app. Find the streamer you wish to donate to and open their channel page. Open the “About” tab. Tap the “Donate” or “Tip” button and confirm the redirection. Fill out the required details, including your name, email, payment method, and message. Tap “Donate” or “Tip” at the bottom of the page.

This post covers the steps to donate on Twitch using the mobile app and browser.

Overview of Donating on Twitch

Donating on Twitch is a relatively new feature, allowing viewers to directly support different causes on the platform. Previously, streamers had to use third-party tools to accept cash donations from viewers.

The donation feature is valuable to streamers who regularly collaborate and champion various causes as they can rally viewers to support and make contributions.

Beyond charity, streamers also receive donations in support of their channels. Like affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and ads, Twitch streamers earn money through donations from enthusiastic fans.

Note that a streamer has to set up the donate button for it to appear in their profile. The most straightforward way to set up a donation panel is through a streaming program like Streamlabs or Stream Elements.

Setting up a donation system helps you avoid losing a percentage of the funds as transaction costs for third-party tools.

Streamers can customize their donation buttons to their liking. Most have them labeled “Donate,” “Tip Jar,” “Donations,” or “Tips.” Besides actual money, viewers can also donate Twitch Bits, Twitch’s virtual currency.

Twitch Affiliates and Partners receive $0.01 for every bit donated by cheering on their channel. 1500 bits translate to $5, making it an excellent charity alternative for users who don’t have cash.

Next, we’ll discuss the steps to donate via the mobile app or web on Twitch.

Step-by-Step Guide to Donating on Twitch

There are two ways to donate on Twitch mobile, as detailed in the section below.

Method #1: Using the Mobile App

  1. Launch the Twitch mobile app.
  2. Find a streamer you wish to donate to and tap on their username or profile picture to open their profile.
  3. Open the “About” tab.
  4. Scroll down the page until you reach the “Donate” or “Tip” button and click on it.
  5. Tap “Confirm” to go to the donation page.
  6. Enter your username, donation amount, and a message if you wish.
  7. Tap “Donate” or “Tip.”

Method #2: Using Browser

Besides using the mobile app, you can also donate on Twitch using the mobile version. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Navigate to Twitch on your phone’s web browser.
  2. Access the streamer’s profile page to whom you wish to donate.
  3. Open the “About” tab.
  4. Find the “Donate” or “Tip” button, then tap it.
  5. You will be redirected to a donation page.
  6. Enter the required details, including your username, amount, and message.
  7. Tap “Donate” or “Tip.”

Different streamers have varying setups for their donation pages. Some customize their pages to allow standard monthly donations.


Donating on Twitch via mobile is pretty straightforward if you know the steps. The process is similar for the Twitch mobile app and web versions.

Besides donating to support various causes, viewers can also donate to support the streamer and encourage them to continue creating high-quality content.

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