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How Long Is Facebook Messenger Block

How Long Is Facebook Messenger Block

Facebook Messenger presents community guidelines that users must follow when they don’t want to be blocked on the platform.

But if you go against the rules and guidelines, you may realize you may no longer send messages on Facebook Messenger.

If you have found yourself in such a situation, don’t worry because the block lasts for a short time, as explained in this guide.

Quick Answer

How long your Facebook Messenger will remain blocked depends on the violation you committed. A temporary block on Facebook Messenger may take between 24 and 48 hours, but it is not guaranteed because it may extend up to 30 days. Therefore, the time a block takes on Facebook Messenger varies; sometimes, it can take a few hours.

When you are used to your Facebook Messenger, you may find it inconvenient to discover you are blocked. The guide has explained why you can’t send messages on Facebook, how long the Facebook Messenger block will last, and how you can prevent your Messenger from being blocked in the future.

Why Can’t I Send Messages on Facebook?

Facebook limits users from sending messages on the platform when a user is found to violate the terms of use. Facebook Messenger has guidelines on how users can use the platform; when one violates them, they risk being blocked.

When Messenger decides to block you, it means you committed one of the following violations:

  • Your messages violated the Facebook community guidelines.
  • You sent several messages recently.
  • Several contacts block you.
  • You sent suspicious messages via Messenger.

How Long Is Facebook Messenger Block?

There is no specific time set when a block ends on Facebook Messenger.

The time of the block varies depending on various issues, like the intensity of violations and how many times your account has been blocked before.

If it is the first time your Facebook Messenger has been blocked, it may take a few hours to be unblocked. Typically, the maximum time taken varies between 24 hours to 48 hours, and it starts to function after following the instructions.

Additionally, a temporary block on Facebook Messenger may last up to thirty days. The difference is the intensity of the violations that resulted in the block.

Therefore, the length of a Facebook Messenger block depends on the following factors.

  • The intensity of violations committed.
  • The number of times you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger.

If Facebook Messenger realizes you are prone to blocks, your block may last longer or lead to banishment. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the community guidelines if you want to access Messenger services.

How To Avoid Facebook Messenger Block

Following the community guidelines is the secret to avoiding getting blocked on Facebook Messenger.

When you follow the Facebook community guidelines, you don’t risk losing your account or being blocked by Facebook support.

Facebook Community Guidelines

Because we have seen some reasons why you are blocked on Facebook, avoiding violating the terms of use is the only way to prevent yourself from the same issue.

Ensure you follow the guidelines below:

  • Send messages to contacts you trust to avoid being reported by many people.
  • Share content that is appropriate and follows the terms of use.
  • Don’t share too many messages at the same time.
  • Read the Facebook policies and follow them.

Generally, when you don’t want to get your account blocked in the future, you must follow the terms of service offered by Facebook. Otherwise, your account will be blocked or banished.


Facebook Messenger allows you to contact your friends on the platform freely.

But if you go against the community guidelines, you risk being blocked by the platform.

If you have realized you are blocked and can’t send messages, read this guide to know why you were blocked and how long the block will last.

Moreover, this guide is for you if you don’t want to be blocked by Facebook Messenger in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Facebook Messenger block me?

Facebook Messenger blocks users that violate their community guidelines. If you send multiple messages to several contacts you have not saved, they report or block you, which may make you get blocked.

How long does the Facebook Messenger block last?

There is no specific time set when a block lasts. The time you remain blocked depends on the violations you committed. But it may last a few hours to two days if it is your first time.

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