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MySQL DATE Function

The MySQL DATE function extracts the date part of a date or date/time expression. The equivalent function in Microsoft SQL Server is somewhat DATEPART, but the CONVERT function may provide a better result depending on the required format.

Employees Table

1000John Smith1995-12-03 13:23:30.657
1001Fred White2001-10-12 09:41:44.125
1002Jane Scott1998-05-01 11:36:16.334
1003Samuel Williams1991-01-03 15:19:51.293

In this example, we want to find out what date the employees’ accounts were created.




SELECT employeeName as [Employee Name], DATE(accountCreated) as [Acc Created]
FROM employees


Employee NameAcc Created
John Smith1995-12-03
Fred White2001-10-12
Jane Scott1998-05-01
Samuel Williams1991-01-03

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