What Language Are Discord Bots Written In?

What Language Are Discord Bots Written In

Discord bots have become a necessity on Discord. The bots have enabled Discord users to easily achieve various functions, explaining why several bots are made daily.

With bots on Discord, you don’t struggle with managing a server because there are bots for that work. When you want to make your bot, you may wonder about the most suitable language you should learn.

Quick Answer

Discord bots can be made from several languages like JavaScript, Java, Golang, or Python. No one language has been set aside and restricted to making Discord bots because all the languages work almost in the same way. But most users have expressed that Python and Java are common and easier to use because they have libraries for making Discord bots.

Making a Discord bot is something that developers enjoy doing. If you want to venture into bot development and don’t understand the suitable language to use, this guide has introduced the various languages to help you achieve your goal.

What Are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are robots that automate how Discord operates. When you want to stop spending much time on your server planning for events and responding, you can have a bot that does that on your behalf.

Discord bots are configured to do something when a certain event happens. The way they operate is a result of a programming code. The code has set events, and an action is triggered when a given event happens.

Discord bots exist because they are intended to achieve a given function.

A programming language must be used to make a bot. The code of a bot can be written by a human being who understands a language or by a chatbot that generates the code once a human being specifies the features.

What Language Are Discord Bots Written in?

Programming languages are many and different, but they can be used to achieve the same result. The diversity of programming languages has confused beginners interested in achieving different things.

The beauty of learning programming languages is that one language can achieve many things. The programming language you learn is unimportant because they work the same way.

Languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript can all be used to achieve the same goal. Although the languages are different, they can be used to create Discord bots. If you are new and yet to learn any language, it is advisable to look at a language that provides simple libraries.

Libraries provide simple ways of making Discord bots because they do all the work for you. That means the library interprets all the low-level code, and you don’t have to understand the web requests made.

Many developers have advocated Python language as one of the best choices when making Discord bots because of its simple-to-use library. Python offers a Discord.py library that lets you avoid the tedious work when making a bot.

Python Language For Making Discord Bots

How To Make a Discord Bot

Making a Discord bot is easier when you know the approach you want to take.

If you want to code, you must be well-versed in a given language like Python, Java or any other that you find suitable. Once you find a suitable language, you can make your Discord bot if you choose to code.

Choosing a language is not the end because you have to work with libraries of a given language. When working with libraries, you must set up and do some installation of various tools that will help you achieve your goal.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to code, you can still make your bot using the tools that other developers have made. Such tools develop a code for you once you have specified the type of bot you want and what you want to achieve.

But using such tools may cost you money while saving you the hassle of learning to code. Such a tool is Apple Pie Chatbot, which allows you to make your Discord bot in three simple steps.


Making a Discord bot is easier and can be achieved using various languages like Java, Python, JavaScript and others.

You can make a Discord bot without heavy coding if you understand a language and one of its libraries.

If you want to make a Discord bot without coding, some chatbots can derive code for you.

Read this guide to learn the various languages you can use to make a Discord bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best language for making a Discord bot?

Languages for making Discord bots are many. The best language depends on the features you are looking for, and it becomes better when that language offers a library for making Discord bots. Libraries are the best when making bots because they save you the tedious work of understanding low-level code.

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