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JavaScript Browser Detection

While most of the JavaScript code that you use is supported across modern browsers, some of your JavaScript code will not work for some browsers, especially the older versions.

We can use the Navigator object to assist us with this problem. The Navigator object contains information about the visitor’s browser.

By knowing specific information about the user’s browser, we can serve the user’s session using the appropriate code and information. While there is no public standard that applies to the navigator object, all major browsers support it.

The Navigator object is created by JavaScript at runtime and not by manually initiating it in the JavaScript code.

Property Description Comments
appCodeName Returns the code name of the browser  
appName Returns the name of the browser  
appVersion Returns the version information of the browser  
cookieEnabled Returns Boolean value whether cookies are enabled in the browser  
language Returns the default language of the browser version NS and Firefox only
mimeTypes[] An array of all MIME types supported by the client NS and Firefox only
platform Returns for which platform the browser is compiled  
plugins[] Returns for which platform the browser is compiled NS and Firefox only
systemLanguage Returns the default language of the operating system IE only
userAgent Returns the user-agent header sent by the browser to the server  
userLanguage Returns the preferred language setting of the user IE only

The Navigator object has two methods that are available for you to use.

Method Description Comments
javaEnabled() Returns Boolean whether or not the browser has Java enabled  
taintEnabled() Returns Boolean whether or not the browser has data tainting enabled IE and Opera only


<div id="browserInfo"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var x = "<p>CodeName: " + navigator.appCodeName + "</p>";
    x += "<p>Name: " + navigator.appName + "</p>";
    x += "<p>Version: " + navigator.appVersion + "</p>";
    x += "<p>Cookies Enabled: " + navigator.cookieEnabled + "</p>";
    x += "<p>Platform: " + navigator.platform + "</p>";
    x += "<p>User-agent header: " + navigator.userAgent + "</p>";
    document.getElementById("browserInfo").innerHTML = x;

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