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Deleting PTR Records with Uppercase Characters

DNS PTR Records

In a DNS reverse lookup zone, your PTR (Pointer) records should not contain any uppercase characters. If they do, you may not be able to delete these records using the DNS Admin tool in Windows Server 2003.

A hotfix is available from Microsoft for download. After the hotfix is applied, you can delete the PTR record using the Dnscmd.exe tool which is available in the support folder found in the Windows Server 2003 CD.

When you try to use the DNS snap-in in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to delete DNS PTR (reverse lookup) records that contain uppercase characters, the operation may not work as expected. You cannot delete DNS PTR records that contain uppercase characters in Windows Server 2003.

If you choose to delete all PTR records at the node, use Dnscmd.exe to delete them instead of deleting individual records. For example, type the following command at the command prompt to delete all PTR records at the address: dnscmd /RecordDelete 1.2.3 PTR

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