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ASP Request Object

The ASP Request object retrieves the values that the client browser passes to the web server during an HTTP request. The main purpose is to retrieve information from the web client.

This object is very useful in collecting information that is used in server-side processing. The collections, properties, and methods of the ASP Request object are as follows:


Collection Description
ClientCertificate Contains all the field values stored in the client certificate. You must configure your web server to request client certificates.
Cookies Contains all the cookie values sent in an HTTP request
Form Contains all the input values from a form that is sent to the server using the post method.
QueryString Contains all the variable values in an HTTP query string.
ServerVariables Contains all the predefined environment server variables.


Property Description
TotalBytes A read-only property that specifies the total number of bytes sent by the client in the HTTP request body.


Method Description
BinaryRead Retrieves the data sent to the server from the client as part of a post request and stores it in a safe array.


Here is a listing of some examples regarding the use of the Response Object and its collections, methods, and properties.


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