Sql Date Functions Overview

SQL Date Functions Overview

SQL Date functions will vary from platform to platform. It is important to know what format of the date and/or time is stored in the database so that you can …

Mysql Date_Format Function


The MySQL DATE_FORMAT function Formats the date value according to the format string. Syntax Format Description %a Abbreviated weekday name (Sun..Sat) %b Abbreviated month name (Jan..Dec) %c Month, numeric (0..12) …

Asp.net Web Server Controls

ASP.NET Web Server Controls

ASP.NET Web server controls are ASP.NET specific objects or tags understood by the ASP.NET engine running in IIS. Like HTML server controls, web server controls are also processed server-side by …

Ado Querying A Database

ADO Querying a Database

In most cases, if you are running a web application that includes server-side scripting such as ASP, you are most likely providing dynamic content to your visitors by accepting input …

Ado Capturing Errors

ADO Capturing Errors

Troubleshooting errors within your ASP web application can be challenging sometimes. When working with ADO, the Error object can be used since it contains details about data access errors that …

Asp Special Characters

ASP Special Characters

All programming languages have special and/or reserved characters that are used for specific purposes. ASP is no different. In this tutorial, we will cover the most common special characters that …

Asp Looping Statements

ASP Looping Statements

As with most programming languages, ASP allows (through VBScript) for several types of repetitive operations, also commonly known as loops. Loops are used to repeat the same group of statements …

Sql Cursors

SQL Cursors

Transact-SQL cursors are used mainly in stored procedures, triggers, and Transact-SQL scripts. Cursors make the contents of a result set available to other Transact-SQL statements. The typical process for using …

Mysql Curtime Function


The MySQL CURTIME function is used to display the current time. The equivalent function in Microsoft SQL Server is GETDATE, but would require formatting with the CONVERT function. Syntax Example …

Sql Getdate Function


The SQL GETDATE function is used to get the current date and time. This function is used when querying a Microsoft SQL Server. For MySQL Server, you can use the …

Sql Len Function

SQL LEN Function

The LEN function returns the length of the value in a text field. Employees Table employeeID employeeName age 1000 John Smith 40 1001 Fred White 27 1002 Jane Scott 53 …

Mysql Datediff Function


The MySQL DATEDIFF function returns the difference in time between two dates. Syntax Example Results

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