Mysql Datediff Function


The MySQL DATEDIFF function returns the difference in time between two dates. Syntax Example Results

Sql Truncate Table Statement

SQL TRUNCATE Table Statement

The SQL TRUNCATE statement can be used to delete rows from a table without deleting the table itself. Syntax

Mysql Now Function

MySQL NOW Function

The MySQL NOW function is used to display the current date and time. The equivalent function in Microsoft SQL Server is GETDATE. Syntax Example Results

Jquery Selectors

jQuery Selectors

The jQuery selectors let us quickly and easily access individual or groups of HTML elements in the Document Object Model (DOM). Selectors allow you to get the exact element or …

Adding Comments To Javascript Codeadding Comments To Javascript Code

Adding Comments to JavaScript Code

If you want to be a good scripter/programmer, it is highly suggested that you seriously consider adding comments within your code. For one, having comments will make it much easier …

Pushing A Footer To The Bottom Of A Web Page

Pushing a Footer to the Bottom of a Web Page

In this tutorial, we are going to cover how to push the footer down to the bottom of your web page. While there are several ways to accomplish this, the …

How To Play Audio In Html

How to Play Audio in HTML

Adding audio can be just as challenging as adding video to your HTML web pages. Fortunately, with a little help, adding audio content to your HTML pages can be easy. …

Html Framesets And Frames

HTML Framesets and Frames

HTML Frames allow for more than one web page to be displayed in the same browser window. Each HTML document is called a frame, and each frame is independent of …

Html Event Attributes

HTML Event Attributes

The W3C has defined a set of core events that are associated with nearly every HTML and/or XHTML element. Event attributes are an important part of learning HTML so being …

Html Styles

HTML Styles

HTML is limited when it comes to the appearance of its elements. If you are trying to apply a nice look and feel to your web pages, then you’ll need …

Html Body Element

HTML Body Element

The <body> element is used to define the document’s body. Other elements are used within an opening and closing <body> tag. The <body> element contains all the contents of an …

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